Student Political Correctness


Left-wing Politically Correct Fascism – an opinion.

Students at universities throughout the UK are now beginning to make a stand and confront the scourge of far left-wing probity-ringer liberal elite Marxist militant anti-democratic student unions who have been accused of alleged anti-Semitism, totalitarian Communist Political Correctness and tyrannical left-wing fascism.

There is much suffering in this world.

It is of our opinion that much of it is being perpetrated and caused in the name of far left-wing extremism in the form of liberal elite left-wing politically correct fascism.

Overcoming it will require a concentrated and extended effort on many fronts after brexit, including the moral one.

Supposed political correctness, however, is undermining our real decent true morality and deflecting our efforts to combat the evil of leftist PC anti-British activity and intellectual depravity.

Political correctness actually stirs up hatred by bringing attention to differences in the first place, and then using those differences for its own agenda of divide and rule.

Political correctness is nothing but a tool used by the left-wing to close down debate, shut people up and to maintain the upper hand by shaming opponents into silence and to prevent examination and exposure of the true intentions of far left-wing fascism.

If evil is excused, justified away, and not identified as such, or if we fail to properly locate its sources, our efforts will be misdirected, we will fail, then evil will prevail.

Common sense, as distinct from political correctness, dictates that we acknowledge the reality of extremism as such, for it describes not just the immorality of politically correct left-wing fascists but the pretext and motivation they themselves claim for their evil behaviour and actions within society.

It is obvious that recognizing the reality of politically correct left-wing fascism does not assume that all leftists are evil.

However, because not all anti-British left-wing luvvies are left-wing extremists, it does not follow that there are no left-wing extremists.

Denying the existence of politically correct left-wing fascism blurs the critical distinction between political ideologies which advocate morality and those which abhor it as the politically correct left-wing fascists certainly do.

Since everyone knows there does exist activist far left-wing extremists, failure to call them such actually contributes to the colouring of all leftists as just luvvies, when in actual fact the typical leftist (luvvies) really are just misguided lost souls and cranks, but the more intentionally malicious activists and progressives are much more dangerous than the mere harmless cranks will ever be.

When one defends left-wing thinking by characterising (politically correct left-wing fascism) as merely (harmless eccentricity) and contesting the very serious scope of the threat to democracy, this will then lead to the labelling of all left-wing activists as harmless eccentrics without taking into account that political correctness has far deeper and darker shades of devious intention than just misguided left-wing eccentric moronic activism.

This fatal flaw in judgement in itself can be catastrophic, as we have previously witnessed throughout history and the various communist uprisings and revolutions by these falsely perceived left-wing “harmless cranks” who turned out to be very “dangerous cranks” indeed, and as seen during the Joseph Stalin years within the Communist Soviet Union – millions of deaths followed and people were executed for just being what the (Communist Party) considered (Politically Incorrect).

But to be considered as (Politically Correct) under communism meant just one thing in reality (obey the party line – or else).

In pointing out within this essay the obvious immorality and evil dictates of political correctness, the point is neither to denigrate the left-wing, nor to associate all people who support left-wing twisted policies with politically correct left-wing fascism.

The point is to put the emphasis clearly and unequivocally on the challenge we face, for only by doing so, is there any chance of generating change and rendering a potential serious threat to humanity powerless to cause harm ever again.

All forms rooted in communist thinking can be found within left-wing progressive PC propaganda spewed forth by the left-wing media machine and the leftist organisations hell bent on brainwashing the general public and the young from an early age, especially within our universities.

Left-wing thinking and beliefs fail the moral standards of normal western conservative democratic traditions, or what we now recognise as universal moral truths, but the left-wing will always bend and distort morality in order to fit their own immoral agenda.

They have done this very easily by simply giving morality a revamp and renaming it.

They call it Political Correctness.

As Shakespeare has taught us, the Devil quotes Scripture. He has no need to misquote it.

The challenge of every original genuine sane Labour Party supporter and the reformed leftist cranks too, is to engage in an ongoing process of criticism, evaluation, and reinterpretation, and to expose publicly the real hidden meanings of the corrupt and dangerous type of PC left-wing fascism and anti-Semitism that we see today within the left-wing.

The kind of nonsense that we have all had rammed down our throats for so long by the more sinister left-wing extremist groups and their deluded followers.

We must try to at least give back to the very few remaining genuinely well meaning leftists who actually do believe in supporting their own country and workers, an ounce of legitimacy in the eyes of the general public.

Left-wing political correctness is evil.

The general patriotic hardworking public (left-wing and right-wing) are sick and tired of it and want no more of it.

Traditions are neither inherently moral nor immoral, inherently great or depraved.

There are only great and moral interpreters and interpretations.

Political leaning and identity entail engaging in a constant struggle within our traditions to ensure that the forces of good prevail over those of the likes of far left-wing evil.

Yes of course, there are right-wing extremists, but the (left-wing extremists) are inherently dangerous due to the fact that they actually believe they are morally superior and above any and all questioning or debate concerning their far left-wing thinking and ideology.

This is one of the reasons that those of far left-wing extremist views will never debate with you but will always revert to name calling in an effort to shame you into silence and kill the debate.

This simple fact often goes unrecognised by the people who have become victims themselves of political correctness.

Democracy has been cancelled out at ground zero and the left-wing (tool) of political correctness takes care of anybody who dares to question left-wing ideology by branding opponents as racists or very amusingly (fascists) and thus removing freedom of speech by shaming opponents into silence.

The danger of ignoring political correctness as just eccentricity or by actually denying the reality of politically correct fascism is that it will not protect the misinformed from politically correct instigated immorality, such as in the workplace or in public by becoming a victim of (politically correct responsibility transfer) where the innocent are blamed for the actions of others but it is not deemed as politically correct to hold the real culprits to account or to mention them by description or name.

No amount of dismissive justification of politically correct immoral PC judgemental targeting towards individuals or organisations on the grounds that (they probably deserved it) or the wrongful immoral evaluations within society by PC left-wing fascists will prevent the politically blind and naive from eventually becoming a victim of left-wing fascist victimisation themselves and a casualty of (PC targeting of non-conformists).

Rather, it allows the evil to grow and engulf every facet of society, eventually they will shame you into conforming and following a so called (PC moral code) that you do not believe in, and worse, you know full well deep down that this (PC code) of practice is actually very morally wrong and does not fit well with your own values of right and wrong.

Your own common sense clearly tells you this, and if it doesn’t, then reason in the moment most certainly will.

The fact of the matter is you just cannot lie to yourself in such an obviously dishonest unjust way and actually feel good about it or feel comfortable in your own skin and still retain your true morality as you really are and how you really think.

We all know deep down that the big lie has been peddled by the left-wing through political correctness when they tell you things like “every decent good person thinks this way” but you secretly think “well that’s strange because i really do not think that way, but i know i am still a good person anyway”.

If left-wing evil is to be uprooted, it will only happen when we all acknowledge its existence and leftists worldwide engage in an internal debate over the immorality of their ideology as it stands today, which is not good to say the least.

We non-leftists too must do our part.

We must couple our efforts against left-wing politically correct fascism with robust and sustained support for an honourable and ethical politics and a true (real) morality.

At the same time, we must cease tolerating and supporting evil left-wing politically correct fascist organisations and ideologies and designate them as what they really are – leftist nazi type ideologies.

Just as long as they continue to cause suffering and spread lies and intimidation through PC activism and undemocratic left-wing fascism, then that is exactly what they are – left-wing nazis.

Political correctness, however, is not merely misdirecting our efforts; it is corrupting our moral compass.

We need to wade through the fog of moral relativism generated by politically correct fascism.

Politically correct left-wing fascism is not characterized by its senselessness, nor by its incomprehensibility to Western sensibilities.

All leftist deluded ideology has its justifications – a kind of warped reasoning which tries to legitimize its heinous actions in the eyes of the left-wing fascists themselves and enables them to (feel in some small way) that they are good moral people really, but deep down they are borderline depressives who despise themselves.

It could be the result of a real or imagined sense of injustice resulting from the politically correct left-wing fascists being bullied as a child at some point, but we really just do not know why some people strangely choose to turn to left-wing fascism, it becomes like a form of (club) for the terminally delusional, but abandon all hope ye who enter.

Similarly, politically correct left-wing fascism is also not defined by particular religious, ethnic, or national identity of its supporters, be they either extremist left-wing men or women, British or American.

Politically correct left-wing fascism is very much a twisted politically motivated act of hatred which does not distinguish between politics or social standing, it makes no attempt to do so, and it does not deem itself morally responsible for the failure to do so.

To the contrary, politically correct left-wing fascism involves the purposeful targeting of innocent people by naming and shaming those who do not, or will not agree with leftist immoral PC thinking and the blurring of these critical distinctions, under the guise that the end justifies any means.

What distinguishes a moral political ideology from an immoral one, is not that one engages in acts of real cause and the other a senseless cause, but the fact that one particular ideology actually intends to cause harm and accepts and includes this intention as part of its ongoing so called (progressive) stance as being beneficial in some way to its cause.

Ring any bells here?

Think of the masked hooded left-wing mobs we see holding so called (counter demonstrations) within the UK against peaceful law abiding groups and other political organisations who do not happen to keep tenet with left-wing ideology, it always ends in violence orchestrated by the rabid mobs of left-wing screaming baying extremists.

It is not the mere existence of a motivation or justification which marks moral fortitude, but rather the moral weight of the motivation in question and the nature of the response.

We may acknowledge the existence of a person’s motivation, such as protecting the leftists own delusional mind from having to accept that politically correct left-wing fascism is very wrong, immoral and false.

But our moral strength depends on our ability to identify evil, whether in ourselves or in others, and to distinguish with moral clarity that which is good from that which is not.

Doing so will not alleviate left-wing immoral thinking or its supporters, but it will at least ensure that we are heading in the right direction.