UK Donald Trump Left-wing Protests of Hypocrisy Lies and Shame

UK supports stands with donald trump

Anti-Democratic Anti Donald Trump Communists and Marxists Protest Against Democracy and Majority

Students at universities throughout the UK are now beginning to make a stand and confront the scourge of far left-wing probity-ringer liberal elite Marxist militant anti-democratic student unions who have been accused of alleged anti-Semitism, totalitarian Communist Political Correctness and tyrannical left-wing fascism.

There is much suffering in this world.

It is of our opinion that much of it is being perpetrated and caused in the name of far left-wing extremism in the form of liberal elite left-wing politically correct fascism.

Overcoming it will require a concentrated and extended effort on many fronts after brexit, including the moral one.

Supposed political correctness, however, is undermining our real decent true morality and deflecting our efforts to combat the evil of leftist PC anti-British activity and intellectual depravity.

Political correctness actually stirs up hatred by bringing attention to differences in the first place, and then using those differences for its own agenda of divide and rule, and we believe strongly that the anti Donald Trump protests are about exactly that.

Divide and rule.

Political correctness is nothing but a tool used by the left-wing to close down debate, shut people up and to maintain the upper hand by shaming opponents into silence and to prevent examination and exposure of the true intentions of far left-wing fascism.

If evil is excused, justified away, and not identified as such, or if we fail to properly locate its sources, our efforts will be misdirected, we will fail, then evil will prevail.

Thousands of alleged suspected far left-wing Marxist communist protesters – including Lily Allen and Gary Lineker – gather at Downing Street and in cities across Britain in protest over Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ and UK visit

“According to the draft copy of Trump’s executive order, the countries whose citizens are barred entirely from entering the United States is based on a bill that Obama signed into law in December 2015.

Obama signed the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act as part of an omnibus spending bill. The legislation restricted access to the Visa Waiver Program, which allows citizens from 38 countries who are visiting the United States for less than 90 days to enter without a visa.

Though outside groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and NIAC Action — the sister organization of the National Iranian American Council — opposed the act, the bipartisan bill passed through Congress with little pushback.

At the initial signing of the restrictions, foreigners who would normally be deemed eligible for a visa waiver were denied if they had visited Iran, Syria, Sudan or Iraq in the past five years or held dual citizenship from one of those countries.

In February 2016, the Obama administration added Libya, Somali and Yemen to the list of countries one could not have visited — but allowed dual citizens of those countries who had not traveled there access to the Visa Waiver Program. Dual citizens of Syria, Sudan, Iraq and Iran are still ineligible, however.

Left-wing anti-Semitism

Six nations listed on Trump’s controversial executive order, which prohibits citizens of seven countries from visiting the US, also impose travel bans of their own.

Jewish people have been barred from these countries.

But of course, the left-wing protesters choose to ignore this fact and this in itself proves that the left-wing so called protesters for the cause of equality and decency, are nothing more than political activists with very dark hidden intentions that are in fact a mirror image of the very things that they say they protest about in the first place and accuse others of.

So, in a nutshell, Obama restricted visa waivers for those seven Muslim-majority countries — Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen — and now, Trump is looking to bar immigration and visitors from the same list of countries.”

Remember the protesting when Obama first signed this order then?

No, we don’t either.

New petition now online to allow and support the Donald Trump State Visit to the UK and to counter the left-wing protests of hypocrisy and shame

TENS of thousands of people including celebrities such as Gary Lineker and Lily Allen gathered in cities across the UK to protest against Trump’s “Muslim ban”.

Protest events were held in London, Newcastle, Leeds and Edinburgh after the ban stopping visitors from seven Muslim countries from entering the US sparked fury and outrage across the world.

More than a million suspected UK communists have signed a petition calling for Trump’s planned state visit to be axed in a protest against democratic process and the will of the British people.

Far left-wing protests, metres away from the door of Number 10, chants of “shame on May” echoed throughout the crowd after Downing Street rejected calls to stop the President’s planned state visit to the UK – despite an official petition reaching more than 1,000,000 in just 24 hours.

A number of demonstrators have marched the streets with placards with a number of them stating that refugees are welcome and “say no to Trump”.


Match of the Day presenter, Gary Lineker, was pictured in the capital with his sons Harry and George.

Lineker posted a picture on Instagram last night of the crowds in London with the caption: “Well played London”

Singer Lily Allen has also posted a picture of herself on Twitter of herself at the march in London.

She captioned the image: “Can’t even see a stage NGL (Not Going to Lie)”

Allen also posted a picture of the crowds using hashtag #LondonStandsWithMuslims

Sheezus singer Allen led hundreds protesting outside the US embassy in London on the day of Trump’s inauguration.

A picture of Bianca Jagger holding a microphone at the protest in London was also posted on Twitter.

Human rights activist Jagger – ex-wife of Rolling Stones frontman Mick – tweeted yesterday: “We must send a clear message to #TheresaMay: our democratic values are not for sale #ResistTrump”.

Anti Trump protesters in London caused chaos for commuters trying to get home as they filled Westminster underground station on their way to the demonstration last night.

Thousands of people can be seen trying to make their way towards the station, with some carrying placards and posters.

Whitehall was turned into a sea of placards and traffic came to a standstill as the sprawling crowd spilled into the road.

Chants including “Donald Trump has got to go” rippled up the street throughout the evening.

Speakers from across the political spectrum addressed those gathered in London alongside campaigners and performers.

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott told the crowd she had come on behalf of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

She said: “Donald Trump has been president for only a few days and look at what he is doing.

“We need to resist the Islamophobia and scapegoating of Muslims, we have got to resist it whether it is in the United States or here in the UK.”

The action will add to the growing pressure on Theresa May to cancel the new President’s state visit.

Kate Allen, director of Amnesty UK, backed the protests, blasting the US ban as “appalling”.

She said: “Donald Trump’s administration is wilfully demonising as ‘security concerns’, children, women and men fleeing from torturers and mass murderers.

“These demonstrations show the depth of anger and frustration felt by ordinary people in the UK.


“Amnesty is calling on everyone to search out their nearest demonstration and send a loud message to our politicians that such a ban cannot be tolerated.”

There were similar scenes up and down the country, with huge crowds in the shadow of landmarks such as Manchester Town Hall.Thousands also packed the streets in Scotland, where the largest protests were in Glasgow and Edinburgh, with smaller events in Aberdeen and Dundee.

Demonstrations continued in George Square, Glasgow, after a three-hour rally in Buchanan Street, while in Edinburgh, large crowds marched from the North Bridge to the US consulate in Regent Terrace.

In Nottingham, hundreds of people congregated at Speakers Corner to protest.

People held banners with a range of messages including “I’m Syrian Not A Terrorist” and “Trump: Make America Hate Again”.

Yesterday demonstrations erupted across the US at airports, with protesters and police clashing as cops in Seattle hit them with pepper spray.

It comes just days after thousands joined a Women’s March to promote women’s and human rights in the wake of Trump’s inauguration just 10 days ago.

Yesterday Boris Johnson confirmed the White House had said no Brits with dual citizenship would be affected by the ban, which is set to be in place for three months.

Refugees will also be banned from entering the country for the next 120 days, and those fleeing Syria are banned indefinitely.




Donald Trump Supporters Worldwide Rejoice Over Left-wing Extinction

Make America Great Again

Donald Trump supporters are very happy people indeed


Brian of London

I’m a happy Trump supporter. Trump has been a very divisive issue even amongst our happy group of contributors here at Israellycool. But what I’ve found is that I’m genuinely made happy by listening to Trump supporters.

I come not to preach the gospel of Trump; I come not to convert or proselytise you; I hope I can help you understand why so many Americans voted for Trump and why I too have supported him. Perhaps more of you can understand why I and many other Trump supporters are happy about the future of America. How we sleep soundly at night and make optimistic plans for new businesses and babies and a safer, more prosperous life. How we want life in America to be great again (and for me, a stronger America is a good thing in the world).

Allow me to put aside the embarrassing and insulting nonsense: as I wrote a year ago, and Dave wrote yesterday, Trump is not Hitler and making the comparison is menacing and an insult to millions who died under Hitler and who died liberating Europe from Hitler.

Many Trump supporters seem to be happy people. That is not a glib statement, it is incredibly profound. Listening to, watching and reading the thoughts of many Trump supporters is for me a pleasant experience. Watching his rallies during the campaign was entertaining and often optimistic. There is critical analysis and thought and even criticism when warranted (he and his team royally screwed up the Holocaust statement that missed out mentioning Jews), but if the goal of life is the pursuit of happiness (not hedonistic pleasure), Trump supporters are going in the right direction.


Left-wing Donald Trump haters and angry snarling communists

It seems to me that many Trump haters, and it really does seem to be visceral hatred at this point, do not appear to be happy. The “Resistance” as multiple time failed broadcaster Keith Olbermann puts it, needs to apologise to the world for the actions of Trump. They truly fear the establishment of death camps next week despite no proper evidence for this.

Whether it is Madonna wanting to blow up the White House or Ashley Judd and other celebrities with expletive laced hatred for Trump (and by extension it seems a hatred for the millions who did vote for him) or the celebration of street thuggery (even when the target is an individual you don’t like), all of these are not expressions of happiness and they don’t seem destined to bring happiness.

We see the same thing in Israel: Jews seem to generally be happy. There are plenty of reasons not to be, life is much harder here than other, softer places, but Jews are having more babies and showing more signs of optimism for the future. Expressions of hatred for all Arabs from Jews are relatively rare (though of course hatred and bullets fall rightly on any who attack us physically). Arabs who define their lives in the “resistance” to Israel are not happy. The hatred with which they speak about Jews infuses their beings and corrupts their lives.

I don’t know how I can convince you that Trump isn’t Hitler beyond what I wrote before, and what Aussie Dave wrote yesterday, except for one crucial difference. Most of these comparisons rest on the treatment of Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust and finding very few safe havens: there was no Jewish State to accept them. There was, however, no global Jewish terrorist plot facing the free world, nobody in London, New York or even Berlin was threatened by Jewish terrorists. Nobody had to be body searched on their way into a shop or a public building because of Jewish attempts to conquer and rule the world.

Last night I had a great chat with one of the rising names of the new right movement that helped elect Trump: Bill Mitchel of Your Voice Radio. Bill knows a lot about polls and he accurately predicted the election for Trump very early based on what he saw in the polls. The same polls that the main stream media relied on. Listening to his show on and off has given me an insight into the mindset of the vast majority of Trump supporters and a great deal of soft but important information about what went happened on the ground amongst real Americans during the campaign. Real stories of campaign rallies for both Hillary and Trump: the clues to the Trump landslide in the rust belt were obvious if you were watching alternative media.

Bill Mitchel has explicitly rejected, blocked and shunned the small element of Trump’s support that comes from racists and Jew haters. Bill Mitchel and the vast majority of the people who listen to his show are like this. The feeble attempts by the media to paint a tiny fringe of “alt-right” white supremacists or neo-nazis as representative of Trump’s support was pure #FakeNews no matter how many green frog memes or revolting Holocaust images they tweeted out to Jews and others.

I strongly encourage you, especially if you aren’t a Trump supporter but want to understand the average Trump supporter, to listen to the whole show. Listen to the 30 minutes before I come on and pay attention to the mindset and the tone of the discussion. Note that Adam Gingrich accurately picked the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch as this show was recorded live right before the pick was announced. The other host, Brian Hassine, is a Jew living in California descended from Jewish Egyptian parents who fled as poor immigrants from Nasser’s Egypt in 1956. You might also be surprised by their predictions for the 2018 midterms: remember these people predicted Trump’s win, the New York Times, Washington Post and MSNBC certainly didn’t.

Forget the malicious caricatures and mis-categorisations made by the enemy media, the voices one hears on this show, day in, day out are sane, non-racist and not filled with hate. They’re true patriots filled with love of their country, America, and disgusted by the years of Obama rule. They were terrified of Hillary Clinton for so many reasons. Bill Mitchel has fought with the tiny minority of race obsessed idiots. He correctly rejects them. Their voice is not significant. There is no racism here, there is reason and optimism.

You’ll hear I spoke for a long time with Bill and covered many topics. The basis for the interview was this article I wrote on Sunday concerning Trump’s Immigration Executive Order. I believe the order to be an absolute ground shaking earthquake in the way America views the rest of the world but not in the way the press is talking about it. It’s controversial for some but the big point of the Executive Order is the reversal of the “Islam is a religion of peace” doctrine set in place by Bush on September 17, 2001. This sentence alone, without mentioning Islam or Muslims starts that process:

In order to protect Americans, the United States must ensure that those admitted to this country do not bear hostile attitudes toward it and its founding principles.

Most pundits and analysts are focusing on the list of countries (none of them save Syria named in the order) and how many terrorists have come from these specific countries or having side debates about other Muslim majority countries excluded. They’re missing the point by a mile. The recognition of this new order as a complete break from the past. It compels US immigration law to look at the “hostile attitudes” that prospective visitors and immigrants may hold. For the rest of my analysis, read the article. Daniel Pipes obviously felt the same way as he picked out the same paragraph I chose as the basis for all future efforts to prevent Jihadist “with hostile attitudes” entering America.

As ever I conveyed the message that what keeps Israel and America connected is not lobbying dollars from AIPAC but our shared value system. Judaism is obviously the foundation of Christianity and America’s values and respect for one equitable law for all is still firmly rooted in the bible. Indigenous Jewish presence in Israel and the bond with America is easy to explain to people who support Trump and I’m very optimistic about the changes we will see.

Britons Back Donald Trump UK State Visit But Not Left-wing anti-Trump Protests

UK supports stands with donald trump

Most Britons back Donald Trump’s planned state visit to UK, poll finds

Most Britons back Donald Trump’s planned state visit to Britain, a poll has found.

This greatly contradicts the recent protests within the UK against the Donald Trump UK State Visit.

The anti Donald Trump protests are strongly suspected to have been organised by far left-wing communist Marxists and anti-British anti-American anti-democratic anarchist activists and revolutionaries.  

This is also thought to be the case concerning the Women’s March protests, organised by Marxists and communists in order to create chaos and to bring on revolution and a far left-wing coup.

New petition to counter the left-wing protesters now online to allow Donald Trump State Visit 

The survey, conducted by YouGov for The Times, found 49 per cent of the British public supported Mr Trump’s UK visit with 36 per cent opposed.

It is the first poll published on the contentious issue which has provoked widespread protest online and outside Westminster.

Since Sunday more than 1.7 million people have signed a petition to prevent Mr Trump visiting the UK saying “it would cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen.”

It will now be debated by MPs on Februrary 20.

But the poll shows the volume of protests is not the same as so-called public opinion.

Theresa May has dismissed the petition saying she is “very happy” for Mr Trump’s planned state visit to Britain to go ahead.

The poll comes amid an intensifying backlash in Britain against the new US president’s travel ban on refugees and people from seven predominately Muslim countries.

The executive order, which shut down the US refugee programme for 120 days and halted all immigration from Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya and Yemen for 90 days, prompted thousands of Londoners to march on Downing Street on Monday evening.

The home secretary, Amber Rudd, issued one of the strongest condemnations of Mr Trump’s immigration policy, saying it risked becoming a “propaganda opportunity” for the Islamic State, according to The Times.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said Londoners would not support “rolling out the red carpet” for Mr Trump until the muslim ban is lifted.

Mr Kahn told the Standard:”We must now rescind the offer of a full state visit for President Trump – until this ban is lifted.”

Ban Donald Trump UK State Visit Protests Communist Left-wing Marxist Plot



The post-election demonstrations against Trump are being orchestrated by socialists and Marxists, and the (Ban Donald Trump State Visit) protests in the UK are also left-wing Marxist activist demonstrations using ‘useful idiots‘ to swell numbers

  • Thousands line streets of cities across the UK to protest against Donald Trump’s immigration ban 
  • Petition says Trump should not be invited to the UK on a state visit to avoid embarrassing the Queen 
  • MPs will debate the motion in Parliament after it attracts more than 1.4million names within 36 hours 
  • But Theresa May confirmed the invitation ‘still stands’ and reiterated commitment to US allies 
  • Celebrities including Gary Lineker are at the march in London while pop star Lily Allen is set to speak
  • Senior Labour figures including shadow home secretary Diane Abbott spoke to the crowd during protest
  • Mounted police were called to London protests to keep order and stop any violence breaking out 

New petition to counter the left-wing protesters now online to allow Donald Trump State Visit 

Latest poll indicates 49% support immigration ban, 41% oppose ban

Donald Trump will stop visitors from seven mainly-Muslim countries with jihadist armies or leaders for 90 days. The Left and the media go mad.

But six of those Muslim countries – Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Sudan and Yemen – ban all Jewish visitors from Israel, permanently.

So why does the Left say nothing?

This is nothing more than left-wing rank hypocrisy and anti-democratic far left-wing fascism.

Thousands of people believed to be left-wing Marxist activists have taken to the streets of UK cities to protest against Donald Trump‘s immigration ban.

Demonstrators were out in force in London, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff waving banners and placards in response to The President’s executive order preventing citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries entering the US for 90 days.

In London, thousands of activists gathered opposite the gates of Downing Street, turning Whitehall into a sea of posters and signs.

Among the list of high-profile celebrities to appear were pop star Lily Allen and human rights activist Bianca Jagger, while outspoken Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker was also spotted at the London event with sons Harry and George.

Crowds of people dominated city centres all over the UK, with riot police brought in to keep order in London and ensure they did not boil over into violence.

But despite the protests, Prime Minister Theresa May made clear President Trump’s invitation for a state visit would not be revoked and reiterated her dedication to the ‘special relationship’

Politicians including shadow home secretary Dianne Abbott, shadow attorney general Shami Chakrabarti and former Labour leader Ed Miliband were also at the London march.

Ms Abbott told the crowd she had come on behalf of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

She said: ‘Donald Trump has been president for only a few days, and look at what he is doing.

‘We need to resist the Islamophobia and scapegoating of Muslims, we have got to resist it whether it is in the United States or here in the UK.’

Shadow attorney general Shami Chakrabarti told the crowd: ‘It is in sadness and solidarity that we gather here this evening.

‘I also hope, friends, that we stand here in solidarity with all the world’s women who the President has insulted and all the desperate refugees that he would spurn.’

Chants including ‘Donald Trump has got to go’ rippled up the swelling crowds on Whitehall, while others shouted ‘no hate, no fear’, and ‘no ban, no wall’.

Traffic ground to a halt as the protesters spilled into the road.

MPs including former Labour leader Ed Miliband, Green Party leader Caroline Lucas and Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron also spoke at the event.

Griff Tyson, 23, of west London, said he had to take a stand against Theresa May’s ‘complicit’ reaction to Trump’s Muslim ban.

He said: ‘It’s emergency action to make a point – people won’t take what he’s doing.

‘It might be democracy because he was voted in but people aren’t having it.

‘Theresa May has been complicit in his actions by refusing to condemn them, she’s spineless.

‘She just got home and did it through faux diplomatic channels.

‘I’m here to show solidarity with the oppressed and suffering, and to be surrounded by like-minded people.’

Addressing the crowd, one Muslim refugee said: ‘America is a beacon of democracy and peace, but Trump’s action will tear the fabric of American society.

‘We call on all peace-loving individuals to stand firm and oppose all racist and xenophobic action.’

Metres away from the door of Number 10, chants of ‘shame on May’ began to echo throughout the crowd.

Former England footballer Lineker praised the crowds after the event and wrote on Twitter: ‘Well played London’.

Allen also tweeted throughout the event and described the crowds as ‘beautiful people’.

Downing Street earlier stood firm on the decision to extend an invitation to Mr Trump, saying: ‘We look forward to hosting the president later this year.’

The SNP’s Westminster leader Angus Robertson fired up the thousands of activists in London with a chant of ‘no state visit’.

He added: ‘Friends, first they came for the Muslims, but we say something and we say no state visit for Donald Trump.’

Left-wing activist Owen Jones, who helped organise the protest in London, said: ‘Today we say with defiance, with determination, we will not stay silent.’

But a defiant Theresa May has stood by the decision to issue an invitation to Donald Trump to make a state visit to Britain in the face of the outcry over his controversial travel ban.

The Prime Minister, who became the first world leader to meet the new US president in the White House, faces demands from a petition signed by more than 1.4 million people to call off the visit.

But appearing at a joint press conference in Dublin with Irish prime minister Enda Kenny, Mrs May was adamant it would go ahead.

‘The United States is a close ally of the United Kingdom. We work together across many areas of mutual interest and we have that special relationship between us,’ she said.

‘I have issued that invitation for a state visit for President Trump to the United Kingdom and that invitation stands.’

Graphic designer Sami Hayes, 23, said she joined the protest in solidarity with British Muslims, and to support minorities against whom she said Trump has discriminated.

She said: ‘I feel sick that anyone has the power to discriminate on the scale that he does.

‘Refugees are human beings and they’re not being treated like that because of where they’re from.

‘Even if Theresa May doesn’t do anything, protests like this show Muslims in this country that we’re not against them.

‘People have been targeting Muslims when they shouldn’t be scared in our country.’

Fellow protester Phillip White, 22, said: ‘I think it’s important when your family are Jewish, like mine, to recognise that refugees can still face persecution.

‘People are still suffering and genocide didn’t stop with the Holocaust.

‘We can’t be seen to appease his decision, even though it doesn’t affect us directly.

‘We approve if we don’t fully oppose it.

‘It’s disgusting that we are sitting by and letting this happen.’

More than 700 people in Birmingham answered a Facebook call to protest against the President.

The city’s Victoria Square filled with people voicing their opposition to Trump’s order banning nationals of seven foreign countries entering the United States.

Protesters also held signs aloft and cheered speakers as they joined a series of nationwide protests urging the Trump administration to drop the policy.

The executive order prevents citizens from the majority Muslim nations Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen from getting into the country.

The Foreign Office released a statement yesterday saying U.K. nationals with dual citizenship would not be affected, but the US Embassy has not clarified the US government’s position.

Hasanian Jaffar, 29, who owns his own chain of independent optical stores, organised the Birmingham protest via Facebook.

He said: ‘I got the idea from a similar protest being organised in London. My family and I were extremely disturbed by everything that’s going on and we were looking for something similar.

‘When we saw there wasn’t a protest, I set one up immediately so we could attend one.

‘It’s amazing how fast it has grown in just 24 hours. I just needed to get it started and now people have flocked to it.

‘We are adding our voices to an international chorus of protest.

‘We are a really diverse city and what Trump has done flies straight in the face of our values. It just doesn’t fit with us.

‘We are not a city that turns people away. We need to stand up and show Trump, and our politicians, that we really care.

‘His order is a clear restriction on a specific group of people without justification.

‘The alternative would be to just let them get away with it, and we cannot do that.’

In Scotland demonstrations began in the early evening.

The largest protests were in Glasgow and Edinburgh where crowds swelled from around 5pm, and protests were also evident in Aberdeen and Dundee.

Placards and banners were held aloft in Glasgow as a crowd of around 500 people chanted ‘hope not fear, refugees are welcome here’.

The protests were organised by a variety of groups including Stand up to Racism, and refugees whose countries had been singled out by Mr Trump.

Demonstrations continued in George Square after a three-hour rally in Buchanan Street, Glasgow.

In Edinburgh, large crowds marched from the North Bridge to the US Consulate in Regent Terrace.

Hundreds also braved the rain and cold in the West Country to protest against President Trump’s controversial ban.

There were protests in Falmouth, Cornwall, Torquay, Plymouth, Exeter, Totnes and Ashburton in Devon.

In Exeter one demonstrator said: ‘Those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it.’

One of the Exeter organisers was 25 year old Exeter Uni student Malaka Mohammad whose family live in Gaza.

She said it was ‘vital’ people stood up to Trump’s bullying.

She said: ‘We want to stand up with Germany and Canada and other countries who are brave enough to speak out, unlike our Government and Theresa May who have chosen to be silent.’


Marxist Communist Plot Behind Donald Trump Protest

Ever since Donald Trump’s election victory Tuesday night, the media have been abuzz with stories about massive, sometimes violent, anti-Trump protests breaking out in cities all across the country. We’ve been told that ordinary Americans everywhere are so frightened and angered by the prospect of a Trump presidency—as opposed to a Hillary Clinton presidency—that they’re taking to the streets to express their grave concerns for the future of the country.

In Chicago, for instance, thousands of people held an “emergency protest” outside a Trump hotel, chanting: “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA!”

In New York, some 5,000 people (including the political oracle Lady Gaga) demonstrated outside Trump Tower. “Their concerns,” said CNN, “ranged from policies, such as Trump’s proposed plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border, to the polarizing tenor of his campaign that they say stoked xenophobic fears.”

In Oakland, some of the 7,000+ demonstrators damaged police cars, vandalized businesses, hurled Molotov cocktails and rocks at law-enforcement officers, and started at least 40 separate fires.

And in Los Angeles, more than 1,000 people filled the streets, burned Trump in effigy, and sang John Lennon’s Give Peace a Chance. “Several protesters said they feared that family or friends might be deported once Trump takes office,” said CNN.

From reading the various mainstream media accounts of these events, one comes away with the distinct impression that they are grassroots actions that began organically among ordinary, concerned, well-meaning citizens.

But alas, if one were to think that, one would be wrong.

Contrary to media misrepresentations, many of the supposedly spontaneous, organic, anti-Trump protests we have witnessed in cities from coast to coast were in fact carefully planned and orchestrated, in advance, by a pro-Communist organization called the ANSWER Coalition, which draws its name from the acronym for “Act Now to Stop War and End Racism.”

ANSWER was established in 2001 by Ramsey Clark’s International Action Center, a group staffed in large part by members of the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party.

In 2002, the libertarian author Stephen Suleyman Schwartz described ANSWER as an “ultra-Stalinist network” whose members served as “active propaganda agents for Serbia, Iraq, and North Korea, as well as Cuba, countries they repeatedly visit and acclaim.”

Since its inception, ANSWER has consistently depicted the United States as a racist, sexist, imperialistic, militaristic nation guilty of unspeakable crimes against humanity—in other words, a wellspring of pure evil.

When ANSWER became a leading organizer of the massive post-9/11 demonstrations against the Patriot Act and the U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, it formed alliances with other likeminded entities such as Not In Our Name (a project of the Revolutionary Communist Party) and United For Peace and Justice (a pro-Castro group devoted to smearing America as a cesspool of bigotry and oppression).

Another key organizer of the current anti-Trump protests is a group called Socialist Alternative, which describes “the global capitalist system” as “the root cause of … poverty, discrimination, war, and environmental destruction.”

Explaining that “the dictatorships that existed in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe were [unfortunate] perversions of what socialism is really about,” this organization calls for a happy-faced “democratic socialism where ordinary people will have control over our daily lives.”

And, lo and behold, many components of Socialist Alternative’s agenda mesh seamlessly with Hillary Clinton’s political priorities.

For instance, Socialist Alternative seeks to: (a) “raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, as a step toward a living wage for all”; (b) provide “free [taxpayer-funded] … public education for all from pre-school through college”; (c) create “a publicly funded single-payer [healthcare] system as a step towards fully socialized medicine”; (d) impose absolutely “no budget cuts [on] education and social services”; and (e) legislate “a major increase in taxes on the rich and big business.”

In short, the anti-Trump protests that are currently making headlines are 100% contrived, fake, phony exhibitions of street theater, orchestrated entirely by radicals and revolutionaries whose chief objective is to push America ever farther to the political left.

Moreover, they seek to utterly demoralize conservatives into believing that public opposition to their own (conservative) political and social values is growing more powerful, more passionate, and more widespread with each passing day.

The bottom line is this: The leaders and organizers of the anti-Trump protests that are currently making so much noise in cities across America, are faithfully following the blueprint of Hillary Clinton’s famous mentor, Saul Alinsky, who urged radical activists to periodically stage loud, defiant, massive protest rallies expressing rage and discontent.

Such demonstrations are designed to give onlookers the impression that a mass movement is preparing to shift into high gear, and that its present size is but a fraction of what it eventually will become.

A “mass impression,” said Alinsky, can be lasting and intimidating: “Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have…. The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”

And that is precisely what we are witnessing at the moment.

United States & United Kingdom Great Again Donald Trump & Theresa May


Donald Trump tells Theresa May: ‘Brexit is going to be a wonderful thing for your country’ as two leaders hold hands at White House

Donald Trump has told Theresa May he believes Brexit will be a “wonderful thing” for Britain and open the door to new trade deals as the two leaders held hands at the White House.

In a joint press conference at the White House, Mr Trump said: “Great days lie ahead for our two peoples and our two countries. “On behalf of our nation, I thank you for joining us here today as a really great honour.”

Mrs May said: “Thank you for inviting me so soon after your inauguration and I’m delighted to be able to congratulate you on what was a stunning election victory.

“And, as you say, the invitation is an indication of the strength and importance of the special relationship that exists between our two countries, a relationship based on the bonds of history, of family, kinship and common interests.

“And in a further sign of the importance of that relationship I have today been able to convey Her Majesty the Queen’s hope that President Trump and the First Lady would pay a state visit to the United Kingdom later this year and I’m delighted that the president has accepted that invitation.”

Mrs May made a point of emphasising that during their talks, Mr Trump had given strong backing to Nato, an alliance that the president has previously called obsolete.

The president was asked if he was considering lifting US sanctions against Russia ahead of an expected Saturday phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Mr Trump was noncommittal, saying “We’ll see what happens. As far as the sanctions, very early to be talking about that.”

Challenged about his views on torture, Russia, banning Muslims and punishment for abortion by BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg, Mr Trump joked to Mrs May: “This was your choice of a question. There goes that relationship.”

He insisted that he would allow decisions to be made on the use of torture by his defence secretary, James Mattis – who has different views on the issue.


PM Theresa May President Donald Trump UK USA United Strong & Great Again

UK USA President Donald Trump Prime Minister Theresa May

How Donald Trump, Theresa May are the 2017 version of ’80s power couple Reagan-Thatcher

Theresa May has told Republicans in Philadelphia that relations between the UK and the US have “defined the world,”delivering a speech greeted by frequent loud applause.

“I speak to you not just as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, but as a fellow Conservative who believes in the same principles that underpin the agenda of your Party,” the Prime Minister said on Thursday.

“The value of liberty. The dignity of work. The principles of nationhood, family, economic prudence, patriotism – and putting power in the hands of the people.

“I know that it is these principles that you have put at the heart of your plan for government.”

Mrs May, the first foreign leader ever to address the annual Republican gathering, was also set to meet Donald Trump for the first time on Friday in the White House – telling reporters that “opposites attract”, as she set out to forge the future of the special relationship.

But she also told the new president not to trust Vladimir Putin, the Russian leader.

“When it comes to Russia, as so often it is wise to turn to the example of President Reagan who – during negotiations with his opposite number Mikhail Gorbachev – used to abide by the adage ‘trust but verify’,” she said.

“With President Putin, my advice is to ‘engage but beware’.”

Despite the positive relationship between Mr Trump and Mr Putin, Mrs May used her speech to heap on criticism of Russia.

She said: “There is nothing inevitable about conflict between Russia and the West. And nothing unavoidable about retreating to the days of the Cold War.

“But we should engage with Russia from a position of strength. And we should build the relationships, systems and processes that make cooperation more likely than conflict – and that, particularly after the illegal annexation of Crimea, give assurance to Russia’s neighbouring states that their security is not in question.

“We should not jeopardise the freedoms that President Reagan and Mrs Thatcher brought to Eastern Europe by accepting President Putin’s claim that it is now in his sphere of influence.”

But as she was arriving the Trump administration was already engaged in its first diplomatic spat: a row with Mexico, long predicted, which saw a planned meeting for both countries’ presidents called off.

Sean Spicer, Mr Trump’s press secretary, also gave the first indication of how Mr Trump plans to make Mexico pay for the wall, saying on Thursday afternoon that the president planned to make Mexico pay for the wall by imposing a 20pc tax on all Mexican imports.

Mr Trump spoke earlier on Thursday to spell out his achievements in the first three days as president, and discuss the cancellation of his meeting with Enrique Pena Nieto, the Mexican president – which had been scheduled for Tuesday.

“The president of Mexico and myself have agreed to cancel our planned meeting scheduled for next week,” he told the Philadelphia crowd.

“Unless Mexico is going to treat the United States fairly with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless and I want to go in different route.

“We have no choice.”

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister is to use her visit to the United States to tell Mr Trump that Britain and America can lead the world together with a “renewed” bond after Brexit.

In quotes | Donald Trump on Mexico

  • “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best… They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people”
  • Mexico is “ripping off the US more than almost any other nation”
  • “Mexico continues to make billions on not only our bad trade deals but also relies heavily on the billions of dollars in remittances sent from illegal immigrants in the United States”
  • “I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words”
  • “Under my administration anyone who illegally crosses the border will be detained until they are removed out of our country and back to the country from which they came”


Women’s March London Suspected Left-wing Marxist Communist Activist Plot

Labour Party

Women take to Britain’s streets as part of left-wing Marxist militant protests against President Trump as stars including Emma Watson, Madonna, Katy Perry, Helen Mirren, Miley Cyrus and Cher join suspected communists marching on Washington

  • The march in London began at the American Embassy at midday on Saturday and will end at Trafalgar Square
  • Women being used by communists and termed ‘useful idiots‘ in march against democracy 
  • Organisers marches are calling for people to join them ‘as part of an international day of action in solidarity’
  • Marchers say they want to vent against an incoming administration they fear will roll back women’s rights 
  • Organisers expect 2.2million to take part in the marches around the world
  • March suspected as being part of an alleged Marxist Communist plot

Wearing deceptive pink, pointy-eared hats instead of waving the usual red communist flags, in order to mock the democratically elected new US president, throngs of undemocratic suspected far left-wing activists and alleged Communist Party Marxists descended on the US capital and other cities around the globe to show Donald Trump they won’t be silent over the next four years, and that they will by whatever means, get their way.

Madonna even mentioned blowing up the White House and is to be investigated by the Secret Service.


Women in America and the UK have been led up the garden path into believing that they are marching for women’s rights, but the sad truth behind the facade is that they are being used as probity-ringers to make up the numbers in protests organised by far left-wing radicals and Marxist revolutionaries.

The women who have been hoodwinked into taking part in the Women’s March protests are thought of by the far left-wing Marxist organisers merely as the ‘useful idiots‘ to swell and fill the ranks of far left-wing unpopular communist and Marxist organisations seeking to bring chaos to society in order to bring about a communist revolution.

The amusing irony of all this is that if the far left-wing organisations who use and manipulate these women actually obtained their undemocratic objective of a full tyrannical communist state, then they would be far from tolerant in any way whatsoever towards women, their rights or their equality, only insofar that women, like the men, would be (forced to work) in state factories and state collective farms and labour camps for little or no money at all and under the threat of arrest or death.

The useful idiots are always swiftly brought into line once the Marxists gain full political power as history has shown us time and time again within the dark and evil past concerning all communist regimes.

The recent Women’s March demonstrations have been strongly criticised as being radical and nothing more than left-wing luvvie politically correct liberal elite Tim Farron type progressive regressives.

The anger and rage of the pro-EU anti-British anti-Trump and anti-Brexit sore losers, and Soviet Communist activists knows no bounds or limits.

Marxist feminists are feminists who ally themselves with the philosophical and economic theories of Karl Marx, who discovered the economic laws underlying capitalism and wrote about them in his masterpiece, Capital.

In this and other works, Marx and his lifelong collaborator Frederick Engels laid the foundations of Marxist economics, the philosophical concept of dialectical materialism, and the method of social analysis known as historical materialism, or more recognisable today as the politics of envy and jealousy. This mentality appears in the form of social justice warriors or women’s rights activists.

The deluded Marxists of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries—Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, Clara Zetkin, Rosa Luxemburg, V. I. Lenin, Alexandra Kollontai, and Leon Trotsky—developed a theoretical framework tying the fight for women’s liberation to the struggle for socialism. While their theory requires updating, their enormous contributions have quite rightly been dismissed or ignored as moronic quackery.

Like Marx and Engels before them, Marxists imagined the revolutionary agency of the entire working class—and regarded working-class women as a key component in achieving its revolutionary potential. They emphasized the plight of working-class women and attempted to organize explicitly working-class women’s movements, or what they later called – useful idiots.

The leaders of the Russian Revolution of 1917 had from the beginning made combatting women’s oppression a central aspect of their revolutionary project. During its brief existence, this revolutionary government offered a glimpse of what a delusional socialist society could offer in creating the material conditions for women to be liberated—but also the challenges that must be faced in making women’s liberation a tool in a post-revolutionary context.

The plan consisted of creating movements, like the Women’s March movement in London and Washington in order to cause as much social chaos as possible to bring about further revolution and anarchy.

In more than 600 marches held all over the globe, they carried signs with messages such as ‘Women won’t back down’ and ‘Less fear more love’ and decried Trump’s stand on such issues as abortion, diversity and climate change.

There were early signs that crowds in Washington could top those that gathered for Trump’s inauguration on Friday. City officials said organisers of the Women’s March on Washington had more than doubled their turnout estimate to 500,000 as crowds began swelling and subways into the city became clogged with participants.

Celebrities including Katy Perry, Madonna, Scarlett Johansson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Emma Watson, Ashley Judd, Cher, America Ferrera, Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Whoopi Goldberg, Cynthia Nixon, Charlotte Church, Yoko Ono, Helen Mirren, Julia Roberts, John Legend and Amy Schumer are among those taking part in rallies across the world.

Some 2.2 million people are believed to have marched to promote women’s and human rights, with an estimated 100,000 out on the streets in London.

Marxist feminism is essentially the same as socialist feminism and materialist feminism, though some academics have defined the terms in ways that construe differences.

Radical Women ( is the main contemporary women’s organization whose activism is based on Marxist or socialist feminism.

The group has branches in a number of U.S. cities, plus Australia and El Salvador. Its history, analysis of women’s oppression, and organizing platform are summarized in The Radical Women Manifesto: Socialist Feminist Theory, Program, and Organizational Structure (

Radical Women has also written a series of brief booklets on feminist issues that are available from Radical Women Publications. (

Huge demonstrations have also been held in cities including Paris, Berlin, Edinburgh, Rome, Prague, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Athens, Copenhagen, New Delhi, Brussels, Mexico City, Barcelona, Manila, Toronto, Madrid, Geneva, Cardiff and Sydney on Saturday in opposition to the 45th President of the USA.

Organisers of London’s Women’s March have hailed a huge turnout, which saw an estimated 100,000 people pack into Trafalgar Square for a rally at 2pm.

They came holding a rainbow of placards with slogans such as ‘dump Trump’, ‘reject hate, reclaim politics’ and ‘no to racism, no to Trump’.

Mr Trump’s presidential campaign was plunged into crisis after a 2005 tape recording came to light of him bragging to TV host Billy Bush about groping women and that he can ‘grab them by the p***y’ because of his celebrity status.

Actress Gillian Anderson, star of The X Files and The Fall, who took part in the London march, tweeted: ‘Proud to be one of many today.’

Holding a sign saying ‘my p****y is not up for grabs’, Kim McInally said she had travelled from Brighton to London for the demonstration.

The 32-year-old said: ‘Yesterday was seen as the official start of fascism coming back.’

Iron Man 3 actress Rebecca Hall were spotted among the throngs of people. Hall said she joined the march because she is half American and half English, and said if she had been on the other side of her pond she would have joined the Washington DC demonstration.

She added: ‘Yesterday was a confusing day and a sad day – I was sad to see Obama leave … We do not know what the Government is going to be like.’

Labour MP Harriet Harman was joined on the march by friend and American-British playwright Bonnie Greer.

Referring to outgoing US president Barack Obama, Ms Harman said: ‘It’s just a shame they have a two-term limit, isn’t it?’

Other Works concerning Marxist Feminism:

Postmodern Marxist Feminism in Shakespeare

Marxist & Materialist Feminism

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