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Debate can be with humour and obvious pun intended, but also inclusive of total seriousness concerning liberal elitism and the so called new idealistic PC within a society that is so very desperately trying to find its way back to some form of sanity in an age that seems so very far removed from the description and understanding within the meaning of the word sanity.

The seriousness and sadness arises when innocent people become victims of the changing morality and moods within a particular society and then those who were once hailed as champions yesterday are shouted down as immoral and unrighteous today.

The humour begins to appear when those doing the shouting loudest and who choose to throw the first stone, are usually those who have the most to hide today and would rather have yesterday forgotten altogether.


Why the UK chose to leave the EU

12 key reasons

01. For Democracy
Laws which impact the people of this country should be made by our 650 elected Members of Parliament, not by 28 none-elected E.U. Commissioners.

02. To Return British Sovereignty
The decisions our elected Parliament makes must be final, these decisions shouldn’t be overruled by the E.U.

03. For Our Farmers
The UK will be able negotiate trade deals with growing markets in Asia and South America to reduce tariffs on British producers, and introduce our own Common Agricultural Policy to suit U.K. farmers.

04. To Save Money
The U.K. gives £20 billion in gross contributions to the E.U. every year. When the rebate is taken into account we give the E.U. £10 billion net per year. This is money could be spent in the U.K. on our schools and hospitals etc.

05. For Our Fisherman
The E.U.’s Common Fisheries Policy has destroyed the U.K.’s fishing industry, this must be abolished.

06. To Have a Fair Immigration System
We should not have an open-door immigration policy with the E.U. Which unfairly discriminates against people from non-E.U. countries.

07. For Our National Security
Peace in Europe has been secured by N.A.T.O. and not by the E.U. The E.U. has undermined N.A.T.O. putting this country in danger. We must ensure this alliance remains strong.

08. For Trade with the World
The U.K. is unable to strike its own trade deals with other countries around the world due to E.U. membership. It is time to engage with the world.

09. For Small Businesses
Small businesses are unfairly impacted by excessive E.U. regulations which are created to help large multinationals. We should cherish our small businesses and allow them to flourish.

10. To Stop T.T.I.P.
The E.U. is currently and secretly negotiating the T.T.I.P. agreement with America which could lead to the privatisation of our N.H.S. We love our N.H.S. and want to see it thrive.

11. For Our Safety
The E.U. prevents the U.K. from deporting foreign criminals. If you commit a criminal offence in this country or have a criminal record you are not welcome here.

12. Because We Are British
There is no such thing as European identity, we are British and proud of it.