Donald Trump Supporters Worldwide Rejoice Over Left-wing Extinction

Make America Great Again

Donald Trump supporters are very happy people indeed


Brian of London

I’m a happy Trump supporter. Trump has been a very divisive issue even amongst our happy group of contributors here at Israellycool. But what I’ve found is that I’m genuinely made happy by listening to Trump supporters.

I come not to preach the gospel of Trump; I come not to convert or proselytise you; I hope I can help you understand why so many Americans voted for Trump and why I too have supported him. Perhaps more of you can understand why I and many other Trump supporters are happy about the future of America. How we sleep soundly at night and make optimistic plans for new businesses and babies and a safer, more prosperous life. How we want life in America to be great again (and for me, a stronger America is a good thing in the world).

Allow me to put aside the embarrassing and insulting nonsense: as I wrote a year ago, and Dave wrote yesterday, Trump is not Hitler and making the comparison is menacing and an insult to millions who died under Hitler and who died liberating Europe from Hitler.

Many Trump supporters seem to be happy people. That is not a glib statement, it is incredibly profound. Listening to, watching and reading the thoughts of many Trump supporters is for me a pleasant experience. Watching his rallies during the campaign was entertaining and often optimistic. There is critical analysis and thought and even criticism when warranted (he and his team royally screwed up the Holocaust statement that missed out mentioning Jews), but if the goal of life is the pursuit of happiness (not hedonistic pleasure), Trump supporters are going in the right direction.


Left-wing Donald Trump haters and angry snarling communists

It seems to me that many Trump haters, and it really does seem to be visceral hatred at this point, do not appear to be happy. The “Resistance” as multiple time failed broadcaster Keith Olbermann puts it, needs to apologise to the world for the actions of Trump. They truly fear the establishment of death camps next week despite no proper evidence for this.

Whether it is Madonna wanting to blow up the White House or Ashley Judd and other celebrities with expletive laced hatred for Trump (and by extension it seems a hatred for the millions who did vote for him) or the celebration of street thuggery (even when the target is an individual you don’t like), all of these are not expressions of happiness and they don’t seem destined to bring happiness.

We see the same thing in Israel: Jews seem to generally be happy. There are plenty of reasons not to be, life is much harder here than other, softer places, but Jews are having more babies and showing more signs of optimism for the future. Expressions of hatred for all Arabs from Jews are relatively rare (though of course hatred and bullets fall rightly on any who attack us physically). Arabs who define their lives in the “resistance” to Israel are not happy. The hatred with which they speak about Jews infuses their beings and corrupts their lives.

I don’t know how I can convince you that Trump isn’t Hitler beyond what I wrote before, and what Aussie Dave wrote yesterday, except for one crucial difference. Most of these comparisons rest on the treatment of Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust and finding very few safe havens: there was no Jewish State to accept them. There was, however, no global Jewish terrorist plot facing the free world, nobody in London, New York or even Berlin was threatened by Jewish terrorists. Nobody had to be body searched on their way into a shop or a public building because of Jewish attempts to conquer and rule the world.

Last night I had a great chat with one of the rising names of the new right movement that helped elect Trump: Bill Mitchel of Your Voice Radio. Bill knows a lot about polls and he accurately predicted the election for Trump very early based on what he saw in the polls. The same polls that the main stream media relied on. Listening to his show on and off has given me an insight into the mindset of the vast majority of Trump supporters and a great deal of soft but important information about what went happened on the ground amongst real Americans during the campaign. Real stories of campaign rallies for both Hillary and Trump: the clues to the Trump landslide in the rust belt were obvious if you were watching alternative media.

Bill Mitchel has explicitly rejected, blocked and shunned the small element of Trump’s support that comes from racists and Jew haters. Bill Mitchel and the vast majority of the people who listen to his show are like this. The feeble attempts by the media to paint a tiny fringe of “alt-right” white supremacists or neo-nazis as representative of Trump’s support was pure #FakeNews no matter how many green frog memes or revolting Holocaust images they tweeted out to Jews and others.

I strongly encourage you, especially if you aren’t a Trump supporter but want to understand the average Trump supporter, to listen to the whole show. Listen to the 30 minutes before I come on and pay attention to the mindset and the tone of the discussion. Note that Adam Gingrich accurately picked the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch as this show was recorded live right before the pick was announced. The other host, Brian Hassine, is a Jew living in California descended from Jewish Egyptian parents who fled as poor immigrants from Nasser’s Egypt in 1956. You might also be surprised by their predictions for the 2018 midterms: remember these people predicted Trump’s win, the New York Times, Washington Post and MSNBC certainly didn’t.

Forget the malicious caricatures and mis-categorisations made by the enemy media, the voices one hears on this show, day in, day out are sane, non-racist and not filled with hate. They’re true patriots filled with love of their country, America, and disgusted by the years of Obama rule. They were terrified of Hillary Clinton for so many reasons. Bill Mitchel has fought with the tiny minority of race obsessed idiots. He correctly rejects them. Their voice is not significant. There is no racism here, there is reason and optimism.

You’ll hear I spoke for a long time with Bill and covered many topics. The basis for the interview was this article I wrote on Sunday concerning Trump’s Immigration Executive Order. I believe the order to be an absolute ground shaking earthquake in the way America views the rest of the world but not in the way the press is talking about it. It’s controversial for some but the big point of the Executive Order is the reversal of the “Islam is a religion of peace” doctrine set in place by Bush on September 17, 2001. This sentence alone, without mentioning Islam or Muslims starts that process:

In order to protect Americans, the United States must ensure that those admitted to this country do not bear hostile attitudes toward it and its founding principles.

Most pundits and analysts are focusing on the list of countries (none of them save Syria named in the order) and how many terrorists have come from these specific countries or having side debates about other Muslim majority countries excluded. They’re missing the point by a mile. The recognition of this new order as a complete break from the past. It compels US immigration law to look at the “hostile attitudes” that prospective visitors and immigrants may hold. For the rest of my analysis, read the article. Daniel Pipes obviously felt the same way as he picked out the same paragraph I chose as the basis for all future efforts to prevent Jihadist “with hostile attitudes” entering America.

As ever I conveyed the message that what keeps Israel and America connected is not lobbying dollars from AIPAC but our shared value system. Judaism is obviously the foundation of Christianity and America’s values and respect for one equitable law for all is still firmly rooted in the bible. Indigenous Jewish presence in Israel and the bond with America is easy to explain to people who support Trump and I’m very optimistic about the changes we will see.