President Trump President Putin Strong Powerful Leaders Alliance For World Peace

Trump - Putin

World peace at last as President Trump to work with Russia and China, special relationship with UK and hopefully strong friendship with President Putin

US President-elect Donald Trump says he is willing to work with Russia and China, providing they cooperate.

Let this be a lesson to us all. If we the people stand behind both President Trump and President Putin, then world peace is at long last possible under the strong leadership, determination and friendship of these two great men.

Mr Trump told the Wall Street Journal that newly-imposed sanctions on Russia would remain “at least for a period of time” but could then be lifted.

He also said the One China policy, in which the US does not recognise Taiwan, was up for negotiation.

Meanwhile, a US Senate committee announced it would investigate claims Russia meddled in the election.

In his interview, Mr Trump said sanctions on Russia could be lifted if Moscow helped Washington in the war against Islamic extremism and in other matters.

“If you get along and if Russia is really helping us, why would anybody have sanctions if somebody’s doing some really great things?”

He said he hoped a meeting with President Vladimir Putin would be arranged.

With regards to Beijing, Mr Trump said China had to allow US companies to compete by floating its currency.

But he said he would not label China a currency manipulator the instant he took office.

He had already questioned the One China policy last month, provoking angry responses in Chinese state media.

President-elect holds out hand of peace and friendship

President-elect Trump has said he will lift Obama’s sanctions against Russia if they are helpful in battling terrorism – and that he wants to meet with Putin as soon as he is sworn in.

He told the Wall Street Journal in an interview published Friday evening that he might do away with them if Russia helps the US battle terrorists or with other goals important to the US.

The sanctions were implemented by the Obama administration last month in response to alleged Russian hacking during the election.

He added that he was ready to have a sit down with the Russian president after the inauguration on January 20th.

President-elect Trump attacked by left-wing probity-ringers 

Since the election of Donald Trump, the real hidden dark side of the left-wing has revealed itself in all of its spitefulness, hatred, hypocrisy and deceit. But this has only added to remind us of exactly why Donald Trump had to be elected and not before time. He was in fact needed long before now, but it’s only now we are beginning to realise this obvious fact. Finally the Probity-Ringer deception concealing the left-wing lack of probity is there for all to see. 

The recent malicious left-wing Press targeting of Donald Trump has been shown to be complete bullsh*t.

The left-wing have now revealed their hidden dark evil side.

They hate democracy and they hate anybody who questions them or who dares to expose their real hidden intentions.

The left-wing did not expect the British people to vote Leave and Brexit, and the left-wing also did not expect the American people to vote Trump.

But vote Leave and Trump they most certainly did.

The left-wing say they stand for tolerance, equality and democracy.

This is as long as they are getting their own way of course.

If they do not get their own way, then tolerance, equality and democracy is quickly forgotten as their so called cause, and hatred, inequality and left-wing fascism becomes their new way of forcing their own way and their self righteous will.  

This is what they really are and what they have always been in reality underneath the false cloak of pretend morality they wear to trick the public into believing that the left-wing are the goodies and the right-wing the baddies.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Left-wing progressivism is quite simply nazism dressed up to look differently.

Article text below originally by Piers Morgan

President-elect Donald Trump didn’t pay prostitutes to urinate on his bed in the presidential suite at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow, three years ago.

Neither did Trump do this to deliberately defile a bed that had been used by Barack and Michelle Obama.

And nor did Vladimir Putin secretly videotape the whole thing to use as blackmail against Trump at a later date.

It’s all complete baloney.

Horribly damaging, deeply offensive baloney which will of course have caused huge distress to Trump, his wife Melania, and their wider families.

That is my considered verdict on Watergate Scandal No2.

How can I be so sure?

First, Trump has categorically, furiously, emphatically denied it.

(His ‘I’m a germaphobe’ defense alone at today’s press conference is pretty compelling, given I’ve personally seen him recoil from shaking hands many times).

Second, the Russians and Putin himself have equally categorically, furiously, emphatically denied it.

Third, the 35-page dossier containing the bombshell claim has done the rounds of many of America’s leading media outlets for months and nobody’s been able to verify any of it, even as they were champing at the bit to destroy Trump’s presidential campaign.

Fourth, and perhaps most damningly of all, even Buzzfeed, the website part-owned by NBC that broke ranks and published it last night, admits it has no evidence to prove it’s true, has not been able to independently verify it, and may never be able to verify it.

‘Buzzfeed News is publishing the full document so that Americans can make up their own minds about allegations about the president-elect that have circulated at the highest levels of the US government,’ it stated.

Its editor Ben Smith added: ‘There is serious reason to doubt the allegations.’


So let me get this absolutely straight: they haven’t got a Scooby-doo if this devastatingly embarrassing hookers-and-urination claim is true or not?

Nor are they prepared to investigate it further to try to verify it before publication?

Instead, Buzzfeed’s just chosen to fling it all into the public domain like a farmer depositing a large truckload of excrement into a field of ravenous pigs, so we can all wallow in Trump’s humiliation – even if he never actually did any of it.

There are many other anonymously sourced, unsubstantiated allegations in this dossier about Trump’s supposed links to Russia, all of which he also denies.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all false, as Trump has been known to be economical with the truth himself when it suits him. And it absolutely right that reporters should investigate them.

But he has vehemently denied them and that should be noted.

However, of all the myriad claims in the dossier, it’s this explicitly lurid and distasteful one about his supposed sexual antics that ignited around the world via social and mainstream media, and exposed Trump to instant global ridicule.

The moment I heard about it, my gut reaction was that it was utter nonsense.

As Trump said at his press conference, every high profile person who goes to Russia is warned that Russian intelligence agencies routinely bug hotel rooms in big cities like Moscow and St Petersburg precisely to amass such potentially damaging material with which to blackmail people.

He may be many things, but he’s not stupid.

What I think we’re dealing with here is a variant on the legendary story, also involving pigs, about Lyndon Johnson when he was running for president.

Concerned about the race getting close, he told his campaign manager to start a massive rumour about his opponent having sex with a pig.

‘Christ, we can’t call him a pig-f***er!’ the campaign manager protested. ‘Nobody’s going to believe a thing like that.’

‘I know,’ said Johnson. ‘But let’s make the sonafab*tch deny it!’

Trump has now had to publicly deny paying prostitutes to urinate for him. A claim that was made, it has emerged, by unnamed people who had been specifically tasked with unearthing damaging information about a political rival.

That damage is now mostly done, and it’s outrageous given it’s almost certainly untrue.

‘Publishing this dossier reflects how we see the job of reporters in 2017,’ said Ben Smith, someone I know well, and respect, from my time at CNN when he was a regular guest on my show.

Really, Ben?

Then frankly, we’re all truly going to hell in a handcart.

Because if the new journalism is simply publishing whatever comes across your newsdesk, without any independent proof that it’s true, then that’s not journalism – it’s exactly as Trump called it today: ‘cr*p.’

Or to put it more politely, it’s another blazing log on the ugly bonfire currently fuelling ‘fake news’.

I am more sensitive than most to this phenomenon as an alleged form of it once cost me my job.

I ran British newspaper Daily Mirror for a decade and was fired in 2004 for publishing supposedly fake photographs of British troops abusing Iraqi civilians. (The Mirror had vociferously opposed the Iraq War).

Ironically, the images depicted those troops urinating on their victims.

Years later, many of the troops we accused were prosecuted for abuse, and in one case jailed, and the veracity of those photos remains, to me at least, an unresolved mystery.

But the more relevant point for the purposes of this column is that my reporting staff worked on verifying them for two months.

We established that the two soldiers who brought them to us were who they said they were, had been fighting in Iraq when the incident occurred, and that the veracity of the incident itself was inconvertible.

Finally, when we felt we were ready to publish, we presented the photos to the Ministry of Defence in London ten hours before publication and they raised no issues of authenticity.

Nevertheless, after a two-week firestorm following publication, led by Tony Blair’s government who insisted the pictures were fake, I was unceremoniously fired.

I sincerely believed then and I still believe now, that those photos, as with the abuse they depicted, were genuine.

Buzzfeed, by contrast, don’t know or seemingly care if their published documents are genuine. They want the public to decide.

That way, surely, lies the death of real journalism?

Fake news is a massive problem in the modern media landscape.

It is eroding all trust in all news media.

Trump’s undoubtedly helped fuel some of this crisis by aggressively promoting absurd conspiracy theories such as Barack Obama being born in Africa.

So for him to cry ‘foul’ now will strike many as pretty rich and I would absolutely urge him when he’s President to stick to facts in his public pronouncements, not wild rumours.

Just as I would urge him to repair relations with the US intelligence agencies because this current war of mutual attrition helps nobody.

BUT, and it’s a vital ‘but’, that doesn’t make the behaviour of Buzzfeed any more acceptable.

If they can do this to the new President, and get away with it, then anyone in the US mainstream media can now publish anything without bothering to even check if it’s true.

That will, I guarantee it, be the death of US mainstream media.

And yes, Buzzfeed is absolutely now mainstream media, given its huge financial support from NBC.

My former employers CNN, who first reported yesterday on the dossier, but crucially didn’t include the details of the specific allegations, are not as culpable as Trump believes in all this, but they’re not blameless either.

They gave an official gloss to a dossier that looks extremely flimsy and full of wild badly-sourced allegations, thus making it seem more important and accurate than it was, and of course, prompting Buzzfeed into running with the full works.

And the real villain here is whoever leaked it to Buzzfeed and other media in the first place, if the motivation was purely to damage Trump at the expense of the truth, particularly if that person works for the US intelligence community.

The stakes are very high here.

A free press is the very cornerstone of any democracy.

If fake news goes mainstream like this, without any checks and balances, then the pivotal place of the free press in American culture will be over, toast, defunct, kaput.

So shame on you, Buzzfeed.

As Trump said at his press conference, what you did to him was ‘an absolute disgrace’.

And that’s a fact.

Mail Online

Article below originally by Katie Hopkins

So let me just get this straight.

A man who used to work as a sneaky beaky British spy needs help to keep his identity a secret after he was exposed as the mastermind behind the dodgy dossier on Trump.

Not very James Bond is it? Running crying back to M when you’ve made an almighty plonker of yourself and suddenly realise Putin probably wants you dead.

Our very own Crap James Bond (Christopher Steele) has gone into hiding, leaving the neighbours to look after his cats. At least Blofield had the humanity to cart his pussy around with him as he went about his dastardly deeds.

I would argue Christopher Steele relinquished any notion of keeping his identity secret the moment he decided to go totally off reservation to get his explosive dossier of salacious gossip about Trump into the public domain.

In fact, he blew everything. His own safety, absolutely. The safety of his family, undoubtedly, in his dogged determination to take down Trump.

But more dastardly still, by accusing the President-elect not just of being a pervert but something tantamount to a traitor he has blown a big hole in hopes of a new special relationship between the UK and the USA.

And then scuttled off without having the cojones to come forward and defend his work and let the world decide for itself if he is George Smiley or Austin Powers.

A relationship which was looking a bit ‘Kim-and-Kanye-someone-call-the psych-year’, at the best of times, with Boris bad mouthing Trump and our MPs discussing banning him from the UK.

Theresa May was left preaching to a political church of sceptics and non-believers when she applied her best innocent face and said this dirty dossier was compiled by an ex-MI6 agent no longer employed by our government.

What she was not prepared to explain was why, as an ex-employee, he was afforded the protection of a special notice, ‘a D notice’, to try to conceal his identity.

It’s almost as if Crap James Bond was a dirty little secret the government wanted to hide.

As speculation rises that Mr Steele is being protected in an MI6 safe house, it appears the government may be pretending to hold him at arm’s length when he is actually wrapped in the warm embrace of our Establishment, sanctioned by MI6, and acting in British interests.

As it stands, a British spy more hopeless than Johnny English has tried to take down The Donald with a brace of Russian hookers pissing a fantastical golden shower over Trump’s face on Obama’s old pillow.

This is how the British are conducting themselves on the international stage, supported all the way by our state broadcaster and our left-wing press, salivating at possible impeachment.

Senior politicians are keen to add an additional whiff of credibility to a document neither a single journalist nor a single intelligence agency has been able to verify and which reads like a bad Jason Bourne script.

Meanwhile our former ambassador to Russia made sure John McCain knew all about the dossier, saying it might be true, it might not be true. Adding that its author was a ‘very competent professional operator’, a man who ‘I do not think would make things up.’

The Guardian delighted in the credibility of our Crap James Bond, described to them by a US official as consistently reliable, meticulous and well-informed, with extensive Russian contacts.

Then detailing how the dossier made its way from the lips of Blair’s ambassador to Russia, to the ears of John McCain, to the hands of the FBI (who already had it, by the way).

Despite appearing to be typed by a five year old. Using his tongue.

Worryingly, our government refuses to make clear the British had nothing to do with the dossier.

In fact, it seems to be doing the opposite. Many seem to be at great pains to point out that the information in the dossier cannot be classed reliable but neither can it be classed unreliable.

Which is a bit like saying Brexit means Brexit. No one is any the wiser. But you avoided saying it meant nothing.

All this despite the fact that, in a sea of journalists and intelligence resources, not one hardened hack or tech wizard has managed to verify the dossier. Not one will say it stands up to close inspection.

If I didn’t know better I’d say it was put together by a B-tech student hoping for an apprenticeship in hair and beauty.

But it would appear the British establishment and its emissaries are working on the basis that if you throw enough dirt at one man, and keep throwing it, some might stick.

As a result, their hands look more filthy by the day;

An ex-spy was still spying. Badly.

Our government tried to conceal his identity. Hopelessly.

Our Crap James Bond was manic in his attempts to share his dodgy dossier, tongue-typed by a toddler.

Not one person can verify it is true.

But our politicians remind us that does not make it fake. And believe Trump makes his morning ablutions under the foof of a Russian hooker with Putin acting as the President’s pimp.

The whole sorry episode is shameful.

And it makes me question what exactly goes on inside our British Establishment, embroiled in a world of hypocrisy, half-truths and deliberate lies. Smoke and mirrors. Puppet masters pulling strings. Badly.

It strikes me our relationship with America is about as special as the one I have with my mother-in-law. And she is dead.

If I were Trump, I wouldn’t let Theresa May within two-hundred metres of the White House until she denounces the work of Christopher Steele and condemns the dirty dossier as a desperate attempt to undermine a democratically elected president.

Saying Crap James Bond is an ex-employee is not enough.

Trump deserves to get a fair shot at this presidency. He was elected by ordinary people, sick of being taken advantage of by those in power, desperate to have their voices heard.

Unwilling to listen, I sense that our government, state broadcaster and liberal press have ambitions to see him impeached before the year is out.