NHS Crisis Probity-ringer Left-winger Denial Excuses Avoidance of Truth

Probity-Ringer Katie Hopkins

KATIE HOPKINS: The NHS crisis just proves that demand will always outstrip supply when you are giving something away – and that was BEFORE we decided to let the rest of the world join the queue

The question has to be asked, what are the real reasons for the issues and problems concerning the NHS today? Are the (probity-ringer) left-wingers in full denial?

Original article below by Katie Hopkins

It’s already overloaded by a thundering number of Brits who believe that the value of something free is nothing.

If you personally didn’t have to hand over any cash, it was magic money that sorted the NHS, some giant cash cow in the sky.

Why not have another burger, when a new hip to heft around your massive bulk is free?

Why not lie in the sun on your bargain holiday in Sharm El Sheikh, when the cost of having half your cancerous ear cut off is nothing?

Why not smoke your way to lung cancer if it’s all being chemo’d on the state?

Seventy-odd years after Beveridge announced his intention to rid us of the Five Great Evils — want, ignorance, squalor, famine and idleness — we are still enjoying a National Health Service free at the point of use.

But times have changed. And if you need evidence of why this can’t work in a modern age, you only need, as Alan Bennett did, to watch the behaviour of hotel-goers at an all-inclusive buffet: they’ll take more than they need of everything, and have no guilty conscience about the state they leave it in when they’re done.

A free health service does not only cause the ignorant to use it like it has no value (going to A&E with a broken toe or splinter, for example).

But it actively encourages people to behave irresponsibly, stuffing themselves to obesity, drinking themselves out of a liver, stuffing sugar until they’re type 2 diabetic, knowing the NHS will pick up the pieces.

It also encourages people to abdicate any formal responsibility to care for their own.

Katie Hopkins

How many times have you heard people complain about the way the NHS treated their mum or their dad? How they came home ‘half-dead’, starving, dehydrated. How the doctors misdiagnosed a problem.

If you are that bothered, get yourself on the ward and feed and water them yourself. Help provide their care. Spend the cash you waste on nonsense in Primark getting a private opinion instead. Just because something is ‘free’ doesn’t mean you can’t pay — especially if you can afford to waste your cash on other meaningless stuff.

It seems fecklessness is not confined to our obese. Or to our drunks on a Friday night. But to ungrateful children, too.

If we do not internalise the cost a failure to care for our own health, or that of our aging parents, through sheer irresponsibility, is it any wonder our NHS is dying?

And that was before.

Before our government decided we should pay for the problems of the rest of the world as well.

I am struck by two particular things about the economic migrants we have allowed to monopolise our public services. Their ability to get to the front of the queue, ahead of British nationals. And their ability to breed.

Maternity care for migrant mothers from outside the UK cost us £1.3 million in the last ten years. I would be willing to bet those costs have increased exponentially since Merkel invited half of Africa to make Europe their home.

The average Afghan-born woman living in the UK has 4.25 children and the average Somali-born woman has 4.19 children.

The average for Pakistani women is 3.82.

While the average for British-born mums is 1.74,

Is it any wonder, when we offer free housing, benefits, schooling and healthcare for every new arrival?

Health experts suggest the cost of treating sickly migrants adds around £1 billion a year to the cost of the NHS. Bear that in mind when Corbyn says he is ‘relaxed’ about uncontrolled immigration.

It’s not that I wish any particular malice on those arriving. I just want them to pay for what they take.

Because, as we have learned with our NHS, when something is free, it has no value. And no limit.

Migrants in our country see no reason to limit the number of children they have, because the British taxpayer will pick up the bill.

Yet again, we fail to make people own their problems.

As we learn from life, resources are finite. There are limits. And we are pushing them.

I have heard the tired old counter-argument that our NHS is staffed by thousands of fantastic immigrants. But it bears no relevance to this discussion. If you are here, working and contributing, you have earned your place.

But I refuse to accept hardworking Brits should have their income tax increased to pay for other people’s problems.

We can pretend it’s all about saving the NHS if it makes you feel more generous, if you prefer to avoid the facts.

But if we want to be grown up about it, we have failed to make the hard choices, failed to impose limits.

Failed to make people accountable for their poor decisions which result in health problems.

And we have failed to make migrants pay for the healthcare they need.

Britain offers an endless, all-inclusive buffet of support for the sick, the lazy, the feckless and the foreign who have brought nothing to the table.

But there is a solution.

We can no longer afford to fund the choices of others.

You choose to join us: you pay. You choose to have another child, ask yourself: can you afford it? You choose to drink yourself out of a liver: have your credit card ready, son.

Hardworking Brits must not be taxed more for the NHS to fund healthcare for free-loading migrants or feckless fatties responsible for the state of themselves.

You make your choices. You own your problems. And if not, you pay.