Jeremy Corbyn Relaunch Speech Mass Immigration Still Good For UK After Brexit


Jeremy Corbyn (won’t back heavy curbs on immigration after Brexit in a relaunch speech aimed at turning around his dire ratings

Original article by Mail Online

Jeremy Corbyn will reject tough new curbs on immigration in a major relaunch.

The Labour leader will use a speech in Peterborough to back tighter regulations on employment that would stop foreign workers undercutting wages and reduce numbers.

But Mr Corbyn will resist calls from some Labour MPs to go much further in backing wholesale immigration reform.

The speech is expected to be the first part of a populist overhaul of Mr Corbyn’s tactics amid alarm at Labour’s grim position in the polls.

Two leading backbenchers yesterday suggested a two-tier immigration system for EU migrants after Brexit.

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson yesterday refused to spell out Labour‘s policy on EU free movement, claiming it is unfair to ask before the Government spells out position.

A Labour source told MailOnline that proposed ‘labour market regulations would reduce numbers’.

The Daily Mirror was told ‘interventions in the labour market will be centre stage’.

A source told the paper: ‘We are talking about intervening in the jobs market in a way that hasn’t happened for a very long time.’

In an interview on Sky News’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday, Mr Watson admitted the party’s position on immigration was unclear in .

Told that Labour’s policy was unclear, Mr Watson said: ‘Well, I think you have got a fair point on that and it centres around this debate around free movement of labour which is one of the treaties we are signed up to currently in the EU.’

He added: ‘We want a fair immigration system. It’s unfair of you to ask what Labour’s notional position is when we don’t even know what Theresa May’s negotiating position is that’s on free movement.’

Labour MPs Emma Reynolds and Stephen Kinnock have urged Mr Corbyn to press Mrs May to use Brexit to introduce a two-tier immigration system split between high-skilled and low-skilled workers coming to the UK from the EU.

They said Labour’s ‘missed messages’ on immigration were ‘corrosive’ to the party’s fortunes.

Tier one would include highly skilled individuals such as doctors, teachers and engineers, who would be admitted to take on specific jobs.

Tier two would be made up of low-skilled and semi-skilled EU workers, whose numbers would be limited by sector-based quotas, negotiated between government, industry and trade unions.

In yesterday’s interview, Mr Watson also set out the state of his relationship with Mr Corbyn.

He said: ‘There were teething problems with the way Jeremy’s team work and I don’t have a great relationship with some of his team members and that’s probably on record.

‘But with Jeremy himself we enjoy a very strong relationship.’

Mr Watson also said he is ‘very clear’ that Mr Corbyn will lead Labour into the 2020 general election on his own manifesto.