Jeremy Corbyn draws up plans to crush Ukip – Paul Nuttall ready to wipe out Labour

Paul Nuttall. Ukip

Jeremy Corbyn’s New Year vow to fight and beat UKIP, will Paul Nuttall now go all out to wipe out Labour from British politics forever?

The Labour leader says he will counter the “extremely negative messages” from UKIP – but is refusing to shift his stance on free movement

Jeremy Corbyn who has been called a total twit and also accused of being an apologist for the IRA along with John McDonnell unveils his plans for a New Year drive to take the fight to UKIP in Labour’s heartlands.

The Labour leader says the party will be stepping up its campaign to counter the “extremely negative messages” from UKIP.

But Paul Nuttall vowed to wipe out the Labour Party and exploit Jeremy Corbyn’s weakness on issues such as immigration and defence to target dozens of Labour seats in the North.

Paul has warned repeatedly in the past about the dangers of far left-wing Marxism, the kind that Corbyn and his band of revolutionary followers Momentum endorse.

The shocking truth has finally started to be fully revealed and exposed, everywhere you go these days people are talking about the immorality and one sided injustice of left-wing politically correct liberal elite fascism.

Political Correctness has even been closely traced back to its beginnings in Nazi Germany and Communism.

Jeremy Corbyn has openly admitted to being an admirer and follower of Cultural Marxism.

We are not suggesting that Jeremy Corbyn represents or is in agreement with anything to do with Nazi Germany, but what we are suggesting is that like all social justice warriors of his kind, he is seriously mistaken and misled as to the real origins and intentions behind the so called ideology that calls itself (political correctness) if he thinks for one minute that the people will accept this cancer upon mankind as being in any way right, moral or good.

Mr Corbyn is still refusing to shift his stance on free movement of people – a growing demand of Labour MPs and his trade union backers.

In an interview he accepts Labour has a had turbulent 2016 because of the leadership contest and needs to do more “to get our message out there.”

On the other side, Paul Nuttall said he would transform Ukip into the ‘patriotic voice of working people’.

He also served notice to the Government that Ukip will ‘hold their feet to the fire’ to prevent ‘backsliding’ over Brexit.

As part of the fightback, Labour is planning a series of economic policy conferences in the first months of 2017 to push the party’s agenda and blunt UKIP’s appeal.

“I will challenge UKIP on the basis that UKIP attacks minorities who run our health service, offers to privatise the health service but doesn’t offer to build any houses, doesn’t offer to deal with the issues facing communities and doesn’t do anything to challenge the appalling underfunding of local government, particularly in the poorest areas,” Corbyn says.

The reality is that research conducted for Labour MP Dan Jarvis suggested even a 6 per cent swing to Ukip could cost Labour more than 30 seats.

Mr Nuttall said the Labour Party had ‘ceased to speak the language, or address the issues, of working people’.

Mr Jarvis said it was vital Labour takes a tougher stance on immigration, adding that ‘the Ukip fox is in the Labour henhouse’.

The straight talking popular and highly respected Mr Nuttall, won a convincing victory securing 62.6 per cent of the vote against rivals Suzanne Evans and John Rees-Evans when he won the Ukip leadership in 2016.

Many are now saying that Paul Nuttall is certainly future Prime Minister material.

Leftist Jeremy Corbyn recognises the threat posed by UKIP in Labour’s heartlands.

He says the anti-European party is “working very hard on an extremely negative message” and are “always blaming the most vulnerable people for the causes of all the problems in society.”

The result of the EU referendum has prompted a string of Labour MPs in the north such as Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper to call for an end to freedom of movement – the right for any EU citizen to live and work in another EU country.

Paul Nuttall to his followers and admirers is the serving MEP for the North West and is the working-class boy made good who can pose a serious threat to Labour in its northern heartlands.

‘If there is to be a future for Ukip, then it must lie in the working men’s pubs of the North West, rather than the golf clubs of the South East,’ said one senior Ukip donor last night. ‘Nuttall ticks all the right boxes.’

Victory Speech

In his victory speech, the new leader said of leftist Labour: ‘They have a leader who won’t sing the national anthem, a shadow chancellor who seems to admire the IRA more than the British Army, a shadow foreign secretary who sneers at the English flag, and a shadow home secretary who won’t discuss immigration.’

Mr Nuttall, who speaks with the much loved British culturally distinct Scouse accent, was raised on a council estate in Bootle on Merseyside, by Labour-supporting parents.

A hard-liner on immigration, Mr Nuttall has appalled the liberal intelligentsia with his talk of ‘the hordes descending on these shores to take advantage of our over generous benefits system’.

As for climate change, he doesn’t believe in it.

He opposes the construction of wind farms, and supports a ban on wearing burkas in public places.

He is in favour of a separate English Parliament and flies the flag of St George at his office in Bootle.

The 39-year-old was born in the town and attended the Roman Catholic Savio High School.

On the other hand, the Labour Party leftist Jeremy Corbyn’s answer to Britain’s overcrowding, mass immigration concerns and all the negative consequences of these things is to argue that the only way to deal with immigration is to stop bosses exploiting workers and undercutting wages.

Typical Marxist rhetoric – blame the capitalists, or those who create the wealth and employment in the first place.

Asked if there should be changes to free movement, he replies: “It’s very hard to see how you can be part of the single market without one of the conditions being the right of free movement of people. There is an issue about balance of living standards and working conditions across Europe.”

Ukip patriotic Paul Nuttall, in contrast to the liberal elite left-wing politically correct middle class Jeremy Corbyn, is a true working class Brit, a keen Liverpool supporter, he was at the Leppings Lane End at Hillsborough during the April 1989 match when 96 fans were very sadly crushed to death.

He studied at a local college, before gaining a degree in History at Edge Hill University.

He would later teach there as a lecturer.

Mr Nuttall started his political life as a Conservative – a rare species in Bootle – and was an admirer of Margaret Thatcher.

In 2001 he stood for election as a councillor for the Tories in Liverpool but was heavily defeated.

He lost faith in the party when Iain Duncan Smith, an arch Eurosceptic, was toppled from the leadership in an internal coup in 2003.

It wasn’t just that he thought ejecting Mr Duncan Smith was ‘fundamentally undemocratic’ – he thought the party was becoming a ‘bit wishy-washy’.

In 2004 he embraced Ukip and the following year stood for the party in Bootle at the General Election. It was a chastening experience. He secured a meagre 4.1 per cent of the vote.

He then went to work for Mr Farage in Brussels in 2007 and in 2009 was himself elected as an MEP for the North West.

The rest is history, Paul Nuttall goes from strength to strength.