Jeremy Corbyn Labour Party Immigration Plans UK Population May Reach 132 Million


Jeremy Corbyn’s extreme far left-wing pressure group Momentum to mount fresh campaign against EU free movement restrictions to allow mass immigration to the UK

Communist Marxist Jeremy Corbyn must answer to the British people as his extreme left-wing Marxist-Leninist pressure group Momentum is mounting a fresh campaign to boost EU migrants’ rights to come to Britain, and many are seeking the right for non-europeans too. This could swell Britain’s population well in excess of 132 million.

Our universities could very well become very large mega populated campuses indeed in years to come if the Labour Party gets its way it seems.

According to the UNHCR more than 65 million people around the world have had to flee their homes due to war, persecution, violence and human rights violations. These figures have never been so high since the UNHCR was established in 1950.

Most affected, however, was the African continent.

Around 16 million people in Africa were either displaced or forced to flee to other countries. This figure increased by 1.5 million from 2014.

Most of these people, about 10.7 million of them, were internally displaced persons (IDPs).

The remaining 5.2 million were people that fled their home countries. The vast majority of these refugees, roughly 4.4 million, sought refuge in neighboring countries.

Labour Party Momentum Plans Mass Immigration

Despite the landmark Brexit vote to limit new arrivals, the Labour leader’s followers say even the current freedom of movement rules are too restrictive.

A Momentum conference passed a motion earlier this month to try to force the whole party to “defend and extend” the founding EU principle during Brexit negotiations.

In a follow-up formal letter to Mr Corbyn, the group also called on Labour to “resist the growing pressure to cave in on freedom of movement and migrants’ rights”.

Momentum added: “The social problems we face are not caused by migrants but by austerity and capitalist attacks on the working class”.

The debate over what to do about the free movement principle after Britain quits the EU has split the Labour party down the middle.

Mr Corbyn and close ally shadow home secretary Diane Abbott insist it must continue.

But moderate Labour MPs are demanding the party now backs tough new controls.

Momentum’s declarations sparked accusations by Tory MPs last night that Labour is “out of touch with ordinary working people”.

Ex-justice minister Dominic Raab added: “The British people voted to leave the European Union and for controls over immigration.

Brussels EU

Brussels has still not understood that its supposed “partners” in Africa have no interest whatsoever in stopping the migrants, the majority of whom are young men.

Quite the opposite: In Eritrea, high-ranking members of the military are, according to reliable sources, earning good money trafficking people out of their own country.

Many in Somalia, as well as the extremely corrupt political class there, are only surviving thanks to money transfers home from the diaspora.

Elsewhere, too, African rulers are only too happy to bid farewell to young unemployed people and potential troublemakers.

Germany Migration Second Wave

Meanwhile, every Syrian who receives asylum in Germany will eventually bring one dependent, according to averages calculated by migration experts in Berlin.

Citing an expert brief from the Federal Office of Migration and Refugees (BAMF), the daily “Süddeutsche Zeitung” reported that some 500,000 spouses, children and parents of unaccompanied minors may join Syrians who have already arrived in Germany.

Last year nearly 428,000 Syrians arrived in Germany, this is besides the other foreign nationals who have also arrived so far this year.

The BAMF estimates fall significantly below other forecasts, some of which predicted every Syrian would eventually bring three to four family members to Germany.

Other studies show undeniably that the majority of refugees are economic migrants.

Conservatives Delivering British People’s Mandate

While Corbyn and his hard-left cronies work up a policy of increased immigration, the Conservatives are getting on with the job of delivering what the British people voted for and building a country that works for everyone.

Another Corbyn ally, left-wing film-maker Ken Loach, branded Labour MPs who oppose the Opposition boss a “bunch of political losers” yesterday.

In a letter to The Guardian, Mr Loach criticised MPs he said should be labelled right-wing rather than moderate.

He wrote: “Any disarray or disunity in the party is the responsibility of those MPs. They attack Corbyn and John McDonnell day after day, refusing to promote party policy on jobs, housing, transport or the NHS, the core concerns of those they should represent.

“They offer no support, in parliament or outside. Worst of all, they show contempt for the hundreds of thousands of new members, mainly Corbyn supporters, who have made Labour the largest political party in Europe.

“This bunch of political losers are intent on the destruction of a Labour Party they cannot control.”