James O’Brien v Katie Hopkins – LBC Radio Battle of Left-wing v Right-wing Gladiators

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Katie Hopkins destroys anti-Brexit left-wing politically correct liberal elite remainers and anti fox hunting leftards

The ban on fox hunting was slammed by Katie as she destroyed a lefty whiner on her radio show. Katie has now been moved to fill in for the SHELAGH FOGARTY show during the xmas holidays, Katie stated on that show that James O’Brien was not too happy about her filling in on his slot between 10.am – 1.pm weekdays, and so she has now been moved

Many LBC Radio listeners must be wondering ‘why’ James O’Brien was not happy about having Katie Hopkins fill in on his slot in the morning and taking over from him while he is on leave over the christmas holidays.

There have been rumours of a spat between Katie and James, and many believe that they really do not like each other after social media users picked up on veiled mud slinging on twitter between the two presenters.

Others believe that James O’Brien may be insecure about Katie Hopkins taking his slot because she is very popular with the majority right-wing patriotic Brits rather than the politically correct left-wing liberal elite who tend to listen to O’Brien, and Katie may just finally burst his bubble for good and finish him in the eyes of the general public if they contrast her with O’Brien.

We believe that James loves Katie really. We all know that it is the subject of Brexit and Nigel Farage that he is quite obsessive around. 

But, James O’Brien has come under fire in the past for insulting listeners and upsetting an awful lot of people, including many free speech open debate student bodies.

He must feel as if he is on very wobbly ground already concerning his listening base. Many people may already know that James O’Brien has been at the forefront of much speculation recently.

We have no issue personally with James O’Brien, but as a student open debate platform, students who do listen to both Katie Hopkins and James O’Brien will inevitably have a view.

We do not do ‘Safe Spaces’ or left-wing bias here.

Everything is changing, including student point of view.

Katie Hopkins – Fox Hunting 

Fox hunting is currently banned in the UK – with a vote to legalise it in England and Wales unlikely before 2020 – but 250,000 spectators are still expected to flock to Boxing Day hunts.

The man, known only as Russell, rebuked detractors by suggesting the mantra “hunt or be hunted” still applies in the British countryside.

He told LBC listeners: “As the laws of the land say, it’s as simple as that, hunt or be hunted.

“You mentioned foxes killing chickens – they don’t just kill chickens, they terrify the chickens and give them heart attacks.

“They just massacre them – they don’t have one, they take them all. That’s the truth, it’s the most beautiful thing when you see them going on a hunt.”

Katie Hopkins added: “I think any of us that have seen what foxes can do probably share the view that hunting them is not such a bad thing.”

Pro-hunting campaigners have conceded that it is “very unlikely” that ministers will deliver the manifesto pledge to change hunting laws after Scottish National Party MPs voted against the plan last year.

The ban on hunting and other wild mammals with dogs in England and Wales was implemented in the Hunting Act 2004. Tony Blair, the then prime minister behind the ban, has since said he regrets the decision.

James O'Brien LBC Radio

Andrea Leadsom, the Environment secretary, also privately played down the chances of a vote before 2020 because of the amount of time needed to debate Britain’s European Union divorce.

There were hopes Mrs Leadsom would force through a change of the law when she was put in charge of the environmental department – which is in charge of hunting policy – because she vowed to hold a vote during her Conservative leadership campaign.

She said in the summer that hunting was “absolutely not proven to be in the interest of animal welfare whatsoever” and there was a need to exterminate vermin, which foxes are”.

Mrs Leadson said: “There were issues around parliamentary time such as legislative priorities – we are leaving the EU.

“There is a huge amount of demands, so I think if you have a manifesto commitment then you do your best.

“There are issues that we have had in the manifesto and parliamentary time has not been available.”

She also denied that she was “pro-hunting”, telling friends that it was “absolutely not” the case.

Last year’s Conservative party manifesto said: “We will protect hunting, shooting and fishing, for all the benefits to individuals, the environment and the rural economy that these activities bring.

“A Conservative Government will give Parliament the opportunity to repeal the Hunting Act on a free vote, with a government bill in government time.”

KATIE Hopkins jumped to defend Leave voters in an extraordinary defence of patriotic Brits after a caller claimed Brexiteers were “uneducated and ill-informed”.

Stating she can no longer bear the views of the LBC caller anymore, Hopkins chastised him for his “outrageous” and “obnoxious” opinion.

The argument was sparked after the caller, known only as Francis, from trendy South Kensington in London, phoned in to discuss the recent Brexit vote in Parliament.

Francis, speaking on , said: “Look, we have to be realistic now – we’ve got two groups of people who voted for Brexit.

“You have the elderly people and then you have the uneducated and ill-informed…”

This prompted a swift response from Hopkins, who interjected: “I can’t bear it, Francis, I just can’t bear it.

“The whole of my body has just clenched in. The idea that people who voted for Brexit – I’m sorry Francis for interrupting you but I feel morally obligated – were old cretins or thick individuals I find it absolutely outrageous.

“I find it the most obnoxious view from people that live inside the London bubble and consider themselves to be far superior and far more intelligent than anyone else, and the notion that we didn’t know what we were voting for is simply beyond the pale.”

The 41-year-old continued: “I will not tolerate it anymore – the idea that we are intellectually weaker because we don’t happen to live in the metropolitan bubble.

“I will not have it – the people I live with are decent, hardworking people.

“They go to work every day, they pay their taxes to fund the MPs who did not reflect the will of the people and they work jolly hard to support London that is overprivileged.

“I will not tolerate the notion that Brexit voters are thick.”

After her minute-long tirade at her caller, Hopkins instantly cut him off before moving on with her show.

The -backing radio host came under more criticism after she announced she had created a “wall of shame” displaying seven MPs who voted against their constituents in the House of Commons Brexit vote last week.

Hopkins read out the names of the diehard Remainers who voted against ’s departure timetable despite the fact their constituents had backed Leave.

Another caller, known only as Taff, and said that MPs are elected to stop the public doing things like “bring back the death penalty”.

Thick-skinned Hopkins, however, laughed off any criticism directed at her by the Welshman before declaring that she loved him for calling her “stupid”.