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Student regressive intolerant neo-Marxist liberal elite self righteous politically correct left-wing fascist bigots think people who voted for Trump and Brexit are dumb. But letting lefties brainwash us students in the first place is really dumb!

If it hadn’t inflicted so much damage upon Britain, one could almost start to feel sorry for the liberal Left.

For the first time since 1997, that most self deluded of self righteous left-wing politically correct liberal elite tribes is not just out of office but also totally out of touch with public mood and drifting further into oblivion and very most likely complete extinction.

Many feel that leftist ideals no longer have a home or a place in British politics.

Student left-wing fascist thought police just do not get it, the game is well and truly up.

Academics with an ounce of common sense, who are honest, realistic, emotionally and intellectually wise do not think this way anymore.

Just take a look at the massive popularity these days of broadcasts like the LBC Radio Katie Hopkins show, in relation to the James O’Brien show.

Katie Hopkins is right-wing, but James O’Brien is commonly thought of and described as left-wing liberal elite by most who still listen to his show these days. (more on Katie Hopkins further down this post)

In fact, take a look at the news lately, those once hardline die hard self righteous lefties who called the rest of us racists and fascists for daring to criticise the EU or mass immigration, are now coming out publicly and making statements that certainly sound like they are saying that perhaps these things are not such a good idea after all.

The British public is sick and tired of left-wing political correctness and left-wing liberal elite self righteous fascist thought police.

The Labour Party and leftism are finished It has been caught in a pincer movement between Theresa May’s surprisingly radical Conservatism, where Cameroon liberalism suddenly no longer has a place, and Jeremy Corbyn’s regressive neo-Marxists, to whom Blairites are hated class traitors.

As for the Liberal Democrats, led by the hapless Tim Farron, they are a broken-down vehicle, their reputation ruined for a generation.

It’s not just that the liberal Left are political orphans: their entire world-view is in tatters. They had a few big theories. One was that Britain had an inbuilt “progressive majority” and that the only challenge was how to unite the Left while tacking to the centre.

Another core theory was that history was on their side when it came to social change, the slow demise of nation-states, multiculturalism and the rise of the EU, and that the longer they were in power the greater their majority would thus become. Hence their ideological belief in “modernity”, which, according to them, was inherently Left-wing.

A third was that “soft power” was key in a post-industrial age characterised by dwindling trade union membership: the fact that creative types, actors, teachers, museum directors and charity bosses were on the liberal Left would cement their grip on society.

Last but not least, they believed that they had the moral high ground, and that they could shame their opponents into oblivion.

It turns out that they were wrong on almost all counts. Over half the electorate voted Tory, Ukip or for Northern Irish unionist parties in the 2015 general election; 52 per cent backed Brexit in June. The electorate is sick of the EU and global institutions; it wants more democratic control, including over immigration.

The establishment, including celebrities and entertainers, no longer sways voters; and attempts to demonise Eurosceptics as little Englanders, racists or bigots backfired spectacularly. The backlash against the elites, now associated with the liberal Left, was spectacular.

A recent paper from the Social Market Foundation found that Britain’s two largest political tribes, who make up around half of the electorate and which it dubbed “Our Britain” and “Common Sense”, hold a range of what it described as “traditionally Right-wing views”.

On top of that, 7 per cent is free-market libertarian. Pure Left-liberals make up just 11 per cent of the electorate. Of course, there is a “progressive majority” on a few subjects – sadly, they include banning zero-hour contracts and renationalising trains – but these are secondary issues.

The reality is that the centre Left destroyed itself with Iraq, the financial crisis and then – for its Lib Dem component – when it backed tuition fees and went into coalition with the Tories. The only surprise is that it survived for so long.

Given all that, what can moderate Left-wingers actually do now?

They certainly cannot do business with Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn is a hard-Left republican who believes in total state control, socialism, punitive taxation, a rejection of international organisations such as the EU for being too pro-capitalist, and radical anti-militarism.

His party is riddled with anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism; his Marxist view of international affairs means that he is soft on extremist groups. It’s a despicable brew that would destroy Britain and wreak havoc globally were it ever implemented.

But the Left-liberals cannot do business with the Tories either. Mrs May is turning out to be a radical revolutionary: she will take us out of the EU, destroying 60 years of Left-liberal foreign policy; she will restrict immigration, and even spoke out against economic migration in her maiden speech to the United Nations; she will bring back selection in state schools, undoing a central plank of the post-Sixties Left-liberal consensus; she even wants to bolster religious schools.

This is a political and practical cataclysm for the liberal Left: May has dedicated herself to unwinding central swathes of their project. She isn’t a Thatcherite but her impact, if she delivers and remains in 10 Downing Street for long enough, could be just as great.

Of course, some of her issues, such as combating modern slavery, rightly attract universal support. Others, such as her wrong-headed belief that workers should be appointed to boards ought to please the Left – but the genesis of this silly idea, from Mrs May’s perspective, is Christian democratic rather than social democratic.

Such policies chime with an otherwise pro-capitalist Middle England: they reflect middle-class discontent, not a thought-through, coherent Left-wing ideology. The Left-liberals understand this, which is why they are unimpressed even by those of the Prime Minister’s policies they ought to like.

They are now clinging to the hope that Mrs May will overreach, implode and be replaced by someone such as George Osborne, who recently lay claim to the role of leader of what he described, incorrectly, as the “liberal mainstream majority”; this is one reason why they are so desperate for the economy to tank as Brexit proceeds.

Another hope is that a breakaway centre-Left party is formed out of moderate Labour MPs and possibly the Lib Dems: a reprise of the ill-fated SDP-Liberal alliance of 1981.

The former is unlikely: my bet is that the Prime Minister will confound her sceptics and deliver a steely negotiation, with her Chancellor supporting the economy.

But if Mrs May did fall, a hardcore Brexiteer could well take over. As to a new party, Labour MPs would need immense courage to defect in large numbers. The Labour brand is so strong that, come the election, it is hard to see many centre-Left MPs surviving if they have to fight an official, Corbyn-backed Labour MP.

After years of being in the ascendant, the centre-Left is being ruthlessly and methodically routed. Brexit is the most important incarnation of this revolution, of course, but Westminster is only just beginning to grasp the scope and scale of Britain’s coming transformation.

Article Below, Katie Hopkins, Daily Mail.

I have just spent an entertaining twenty minutes acting as understudy for Milo Yiannopoulos, poster boy for young Team Trump and self-styled ‘most fabulous super-villain on the internet’.

I was speaking on his behalf because, once again, Milo – now a major name in the US – has been censored from speaking here in the UK at his old school, the Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys.

Outraged at the prospect of a right-winger speaking freely at a state-funded school, the Department for Education’s counter-extremism unit stuck on its full riot gear announcing Milo posed a threat to both the security and reputation of the school.

Rather than let the 220 pupils who had signed up to hear him speak, listen, challenge him and make up their own minds, it was decided that exposing pupils to anything other than a liberal viewpoint could be damaging.

It is a curious thing.

Milo has been banned from Twitter for being on the wrong side of their curated feed. Banned from speaking in our schools, for failing to buy wholesale into the feminist struggle. And no-platformed at college campuses across the USA and UK for being insufficiently adoring of Islam.

As far as I can make out, his biggest actual crime is providing a young and attractive face of Conservative politics — which runs contrary to the liberal mantra that all conservatives are fat, old, straight, rich, white men. A group of people they sneer at with disdain.

Milo is a gay Catholic. And not a shy one. He is deliberately provocative. He says the only response to a culture of outrage on campus is to be outrageous. And he is true to his word.

Yiannopoulos started a college scholarship fund exclusively for white men, initially as a joke, ‘something that would wind up social-justice warriors,’ he acknowledged.

It is very real now, however. The Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant has $125,000 in funds, collected from private donors, which will be disbursed in $2,500 grants in 2017—2018 exclusively to ‘white men who wish to pursue their post-secondary education on equal footing with their female, queer and ethnic-minority classmates’.

He is trying to rebalance a system that is heavily weighted in favor of those who seek to classify themselves as minorities or ‘special’ or ‘different’.

The same champions of diversity who will not tolerate diversity of thought or opinion.

College campuses now lean so far to the left and to the politically correct that there is a real danger those on the right can no longer even clamber on board.

And it is not the case that kids inevitably become more liberal as they become increasingly intelligent and ‘enlightened’. It is simply the result of having their heads shoved in a liberal echo-chamber listening to the sound of left wing propaganda.

According to the Washington Post, over the past quarter-century professors have swerved towards the far-left. In 1990 42 percent of professors identified as ‘liberal’ or ‘far-left.’ By 2014, that number had jumped to 60 percent.

Over the same period, the number of academics identifying as ‘moderate’ fell by 13 percentage points, and the share of ‘conservative’ and ‘far-right’ professors dropped nearly six points.

Young people are educated almost exclusively by liberals or the far left who outnumber conservatives on campus by roughly 5 to 1.

Among the wider population, on the other hand, conservatives are resurgent, as the ‘surprise’ victory of Brexit and Trump have evidenced.

The divide between college-educated and non-college-educated people has never been greater.

Which is part of the reason the media never saw Trump coming. Most of them don’t know anyone without a college degree, let alone understand them.

In the real world, small-business owners in the US are anxious the cost of healthcare premiums will be greater than they can afford to pay

On the campus of California’s State University kids were given ‘healing spaces’ to cope with the pain caused by a political speech delivered three months earlier.

The most difficult decision a typical student faces is which gender they want to assign themselves for the morning. Or whether to blog about their struggle with depression last Sunday after they finished a box set of Peaky Blinders. Meanwhile real families are struggling to get their kids to school on time and wondering if their contract at work will be renewed.

A generation who grew up understanding the hard-fought battles that protect our sovereignty and freedom, who lost relatives in the fight, proud of our culture, now face being lectured to by a new generation of liberals released from university having studied no history at all.

The overwhelming majority of America’s most prestigious institutions do not require even the students who major in history to take a single course on United States history or government.

Instead, the University of California, Santa Barbara, uses ‘feminist methodologies’ to understand how Girl Scout cookie sales ‘reproduce hegemonic gender roles’. The journal GeoHumanities explores how pumpkins reveal ‘racial and class coding of rural versus urban places’.

One-third of students can’t place the Civil War in a correct 20-year timespan or identify Franklin Roosevelt as the architect of the New Deal.

In the UK the picture is surprisingly similar.

Jago Pearson wrote this about his experience learning history at a top British university:

‘I arrived on campus, a mere 18 years old, excited to be studying a history joint honours degree at a university recently ranked in the UK’s top-five for doing just that.

‘We studied Asian development through the centuries as a means of attacking brutal British imperialism (incidentally taught via the medium of contemporary novels).

We learnt about the European Union, painted as the great continental peacemaker. We learnt about Barack Obama’s remarkable grassroots fundraising efforts to beat the idiotic American Republicans and Tea Party crew.

‘And we listened to attack after attack on right-wing organisations, such as the Cato and Adam Smith Institute, from bitter and biased professors.

‘Looking back now, it is all the more extraordinary. Both what was taught and the way it was conveyed was so incredibly partisan.’

Higher Education colleges have become the shock-troops of the liberal establishment.

This year’s laughably PC stunt in Universities becomes next year’s government policy and enshrined in your company’s HR handbook the next.

We have allowed ourselves to become a two-tier society.

Students are ingrained with an extreme liberal bias and then go on to work in media, showbiz and the civil service, thereby joining the Establishment and the elite who spread their cripplingly PC worldview into every sector of life.

Why do you think it is the left has always been so keen on expanding the student population? The goal for 50% of kids, no matter how stupid, to attend university was established by Blair in the UK to fulfil a left-wing agenda to monopolise thought.

What the left does not understand, cannot understand, is that ordinary working-class voters are not deeply moved by the plight of transvestites or raging feminists and their vagendas.

They are focussed on jobs, migration, family, law and order. They place their faith with anyone who does not belong to the liberal elite these next-gen naives yearn to be part of.

Trump enjoyed massive support from people without college degrees. Brexit did, too.

The big question is how can the right make use of this window to re-balance the politics of higher education before demography takes its course and it’s too late?

We need to stop the censorship and seize the moment.

This is the best chance we are likely to get. Because, contrary to what the left thinks, uneducated does not mean stupid.

Those who haven’t had their brains scrambled by a liberal education may turn out to be the smartest of us all.