Southern Rail Train Strikes Left-wing Union Activist Politically Motivated Marxists

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Left-wing rail unions threaten to unleash ’10 years of industrial action’ on commuters

Left-wing union activists threatened to unleash mammoth wave of strikes after meet with Transport Secretary Chris Grayling

Suspected Socialist Marxist Communist Left-wing Unions and Marxist Left-wing Activists who are thought to be behind these strikes have threatened to inflict 10 years of strike misery on train passengers.

These people are thought to be the very same people who are behind the Labour Party Momentum Movement.

Three Day Walkout

Chris Grayling claimed ASLEF bosses’ warning came during his first meeting with them, as a crippling three day walkout begins today.

The drivers’ action against Southern Rail will plunge the south of England into gridlock, as more than 300,000 passengers on 2,242 daily services are hit.

Unions are walking out for three days – today, Wednesday and Friday – over a row about driver-only trains, which they say will make passengers less safe.

But laying full blame for the “political” strike on the unions last night, Mr Grayling said in a letter to MPs: “These are not just to stop the current modernisation process, but to start reversing 30 years of working practice changes right across the country.

“When I met the general secretary of Aslef soon after my appointment, with virtually his first breath he promised me ‘10 years of industrial action’.”

Southern Rail lost as last ditch legal action in the Appeal Court to halt the strike yesterday, and urged passengers to make other travel plans for the rest of the week.

ASLEF as well as the RMT – who have joined the strike – have also promised fresh walk outs in Janaury.

It is the most disruptive strike since to hit the railways in 20 years, since lengthy walkouts by signal workers in the mid 1990s.

No10 insisted the same train systems have been in operation across the country safely for a while, and no jobs or current wages are at threat from the changes.

Theresa May accused the unions of creating “misery for commuters”.

The PM’s official spokesman said: “The PM is extremely concerned about how this is effecting commuters.

“It is a major strike, and will cause major disruption.”

ASLAF general secretary Mick Whelan said drivers had been forced to strike because of the company’s “intransigence”.

Grilled on how people will miss cancer treatment appointments due to the strikes, the ASLEF boss said: “I would hate that to happen to anybody.

“But I would also hope that the appropriate medical and ambulance facilities will be put in place to get those people to their appointments.”

Tories slammed Labour shadow ministers for refusing to condemn the walkouts.

Henry Smith MP said: “Once again, Labour’s union paymasters are causing chaos and misery for passengers with this vindictive and unnecessary strike action”.