George Lawlor Legend and Hero for Student Freedom of Speech and True Democracy

George Lawlor University Student NUS

National Union of Students compared to fanatics from Maoist China and Nazi Fascist tyrants

The National Union of Students (NUS) is akin to the Red Guards, a group of fanatics from Maoist China who murdered those who oppose their ideals, a human rights campaigner has said.

George Lawlor

One brave courageous student in particular who stood up to these undemocratic alleged left-wing fascists – and won, was George Lawlor  (pictured above).

George Lawlor is a truly principled student of real morality, righteousness, humanity and respectability, who took the fight for freedom of speech, anti-PC and democracy for all students right to the front lawn of the NUS.

George Lawlor is a true hero and legend for all students in representation of open debate, free speech and expression.

He is a true example of what the real student voice used to be about in making change for a better world free of tyranny and fascism.

Tyranny in whatever form (including left-wing fascism) can never be tolerated within a free and democratic society, George Lawlor knew this and acted upon it, and today he is a true example of what real democracy and freedom of speech really means.

George Lawlor changed history.

George Lawlor had a voice – and he used it!

Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell himself accused the PC-NUS of playing the ‘politics of victimhood’ by which having been offended instantly ‘makes you right’.

His comments followed attempts by the student body to ban atheists, human rights campaigners and those whose views offend from campus.

It also follows criticism against the NUS over the election of its controversial president Malia Bouattia, who has been accused of being anti-semitic.

Speaking at a previous Festival of Education, Mr Tatchell said: “Some university authorities and student unions are banning or restricting speakers on the grounds that their opinions might cause offence.

But there is no right to not be offended.

Some of the most important ideas in history caused great offence at the time, including the ideas of Galileo Galilei, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Emmeline Pankhurst and Richard Dawkins.

“There have been repeated attempts to ban atheist, secularist and humanist events on campuses because they might cause offence to Muslim students”.

The Iranian communist and feminist Maryam Namazie has faced attempts to no-platform her over her criticism of Islamism and, when this has failed, she’s been shouted down and abused by Islamist extremists and their left-wing apologists who encourage this sort of outrage and division, causing anger and extremist views to grow because nobody is allowed to debate if the subject does not fit in to far left-wing fascist PC ideology.

They exclude offensive ideas

“The NUS no-platform and safe space policies don’t refute offensive ideas.

They simply exclude them.

That doesn’t solve anything.

The most effective way to defeat bad ideas is by exposing and countering them in open debate.

Bad ideas are best discredited by good and better ideas.

“The NUS is increasingly characterised by the politics of victimhood – the idea that being a victim of injustice automatically makes you right.

This means that a person’s right to be heard and be taken seriously depends on their experience of discrimination, not on the quality of their arguments, the evidence they can marshal for their case and the longevity of their commitment to a cause.

This is dangerous, regressive politics.

“The divisive, sectarian, zealous witch-hunting of students with dissenting views has echoes of the Red Guards during the 1960s Cultural Revolution in China.

Some students seem more intent on political purity than building the broad alliances that are necessary for successful social change.”

An NUS spokesman said: “NUS is proud to have a no-platform policy that has been in place since 1974 and was voted for, overwhelmingly, by all our members.

No Platform Policy’ means that organisations who hold racist and/or fascist views are never allowed to stand for election within NUS or attend or speak at any of our events.

Our elected officers, committee members and trustees will also never share a platform with these kinds of organisations.

We do not want to give those kind of views a platform and actively encourage debate without harassment”.

The guilty must face justice 

Students have now recognised exactly what these far left-wing organisations are really about.

The tide is turning and the whole truth will come out in the end.

The lid has already been lifted and the rotten contents are exposed for all to see.

The point in question here is that students deserve justice.

Justice for the lie they have been fed and the dishonesty of the intent behind these unsavoury people.

But most of all, we demand justice for ruined lives, ruined educations and ruined minds.

These left-wing cranks have twisted students minds to such an extent that most students do not understand anymore the difference between right and wrong, true real morality, or false morality disguised and dressed up to look like compassion and equality but underneath its nothing more than extremism, oppression and fascism.

Many students are now calling for criminal prosecutions where and if it can be found and/or proved that student unions have been used for political purposes and the malicious intent of causing hatred, division and public disorder.