University Student Progressive Left-wing anti-Democratic PC Fascism and Nazism

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Student Progressive Left-wing Fascism


“Fascist movements are implicitly utopian because they—like communist and heretical Christian movements—assume that with just the right arrangement of policies, all contradictions can be rectified.  This is a political siren song; life can never be made perfect, because man is imperfect”. (Goldberg 130)

Far too often socialism and communism are compared by students to what is currently the political embodiment of the modern leftist ideology both in the UK and the U.S.

These leftist and communist ideas include anti-capitalism, total destruction of the individual in favor of the state, and big government takeover.

We have all heard this stereotype in our universities.

However, we think there is a far more accurate political ideology floating in the minds of modern leftists, thirsty for revolution to take down “the man” and change the “bourgeois system.”

We are speaking of fascism – left-wing politically correct progressive fascism.

“What!” you say.

“James O’Brien on LBC Radio would strongly disagree”.

He would, wouldn’t he?

Fascism is left-wing and that is fact.

According to the (left-wing fascists) fascism itself is reserved only for the so called British evil white conservative men who spout evil fascist rhetoric like small government, individualism, self-reliance, capitalism, less dependency on government, traditionalism, and self-responsibility with strong ties to self-sustaining autonomous Christian family units!!!”

Just slow down, put down your vegan burger and eco warrior climate change book, slip off the (leather shoes) you are wearing and let us explain.

After peeling back some layers of the Orwellian leftist language and indoctrination that has been hounded over many years into young students heads that fascism is always of the evil British nasty right-wing, closer examination reveals the undeniable factual evidence and truth, the horrific reality that you were never meant to know or find out.

Fascism is Left-wing.

Fascism could not be any further from the British or American right-wing conservative (Classical Liberalism at its heart).

Very few realize that fascism by its very nature was an extremely leftist populist movement taking root in Mussolini’s Italy and later Hitler’s Nazi Germany spreading like wildfire throughout Europe.

Left-wing self righteous guilt tripping British hating smug PC luvvies shudder when they realise that they have been misled and fed lies on a scale that even the nazis would of been proud of.

But the full horror really hits home when the people who have been morally hoodwinked and convinced (brainwashed) to follow these so called progressive left-wing crank organisations learn the truth that nazism and fascism were, and are, very much indeed LEFT-WING.

This could be looked at as very amusing if it were not for the simple fact that these self righteous left-wing luvvies who go around calling everybody a (fascist) or a (racist) who happen to have a different opinion, are in actual fact very much racist fascist nazis themselves.

These people have caused untold damage and suffering to people’s lives, and they have driven others to suicide.

This is no laughing matter in any sense of the word, or in the reason and common decency of a civilised democratic society and humanity.

History of Fascism – the real ideology of the left-wing and enforced through Political Correctness

Fascism was born out of socialism (the prized ideology among the left) and was an evolved state-centric version of socialism which became popular around the early to mid 1900s.

It was “new” and full of revolutionary change.

Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini (a name consisting almost entirely of Socialist revolutionaries) was raised a charismatic Italian Socialist (his Socialist father being a huge influence on him) (Goldberg 31).

After Mussolini incorporated socialism and nationalism within Italy, fascism spread quickly (without much pretense to race that would come later with German Nazism).

Political Correctness is a tool used by the left-wing fascists as the ideal way of silencing opposition or debate against the regime.

Anybody who spoke out against left-wing fascism was labelled as (politically incorrect) in contrast to being (politically correct).

To be (politically correct) means nothing more than – (do as you are told, stay silent and only say what you are told you can say) or you will be branded as (politically incorrect) and viewed as a social outcast and called a variety of names intended to bring disgrace and shame on the non-conformist.

The above can be clearly seen in the way that the left-wing fascists intimidate and oppress people today.

Fascism would eventually compete with International Socialism for the young revolutionary, the working man, the poor, and the masses in places such as Germany, France, and Italy.

To many individuals, fascism state-centric ideology seemed far more of a “working system” rather than that delusional idea of “uniting the workers of the world”, which was the motto of the International Socialist.

With fascism, as with all large bloated governments that leftists think can cure all our qualms, the utopian lie is propagated by the state which supposedly aims to build a communal National Socialism state-sponsored family.

Fascism was to transcend class differences exactly like socialism preached.

Below are first-hand accounts according to working class Germans and their views on Hitler’s Nationalist Socialist ideas:

…Though I was interested in the betterment of the workingman’s plight, I rejected Marxism unconditionally.  I often asked myself why socialism had to be tied up with internationalism- why it could not work as well or better in conjunction with nationalism’. Another German states ‘I shuddered at the thought of Germany in the grip of Bolshevism.

The slogan ‘Workers of the World Unite!’ made no sense to me.  At the same time, however, National Socialism with its promise of community…barring all class struggle, attracted me profoundly’.  Another German stated they embraced Nazism because of the ‘uncompromising will to stamp out the class struggle, snobberies of caste and party hatreds.  The movement bore the true message of socialism to the German workingman. (Goldberg 74)

Below are key points from Mussolini and the Fasci di Combattimento (a Fascist organization created by Mussolini) circa 1919  (Goldberg 46):

  • The abolition of the senate and the creation of a national technical council on intellectual and manual labor, industry, commerce and culture
  • The creation of various government bodies run by worker’s representatives
  • The obligation of the state to build “rigidly secular” schools for the raising of “the proletariat’s moral and cultural condition”

All of this seems like the modern leftist’s wet dream.

Modern UK and American leftist rhetoric is far closer to fascism than the UK or American right’s strong stress on individualism, capitalism, and reduced government intervention.

Fascism – ideology of the left-wing

Fascism stressed huge nanny state governments, just like the left-wing politically correct liberal elite nanny state.

This huge fascist government included expanding health services, enforcing anti-elitism, wealth-confiscation, and secularism (Goldberg 46) all in the name of the state and the common good.

Fascism offered “anti-bourgeois, anti-capitalistic, and anti-individualist nationalism” (Sternhell 214-220).

The state was always before the individual under fascism; taking from some and redistributing to the many.

This is the core of modern American leftist ideology as well as the British.

To illustrate this comparison further, let’s look at just a few of the Nazi Party’s key points (Goldberg  411):

  • We demand the nationalization of all (previous) associated industries (trusts).
  • We demand a division of profits of all heavy industries.
  • The first obligation of every citizen must be to work both spiritually and physically.  The activity of individuals is not to counteract the interests of the universality, but must have its result within the framework of the whole for the benefit of all.

We can’t tell the difference when the Nazi points end and the leftist points begin.

Not to mention, positive discrimination (prized among the left) is just race privilege enforced by left-wing PC fascist undemocratic discriminatory intervention against one kind.

Positive discrimination is similar to the notorious government enforced Aryan privilege in Nazi Germany regardless of skill.

Historic dangers of the left

In all leftist evil extremes, be it Communism, Nazism, Socialism, or Fascism; murder, violence, and censorship are sure to be the eventual outcome of huge government.

It is a historic pattern and if history is cyclical, which we believe it is, we are at the beginning of what will be the eventual violence found among extreme Leftist purity tactics dating back to the French Revolution (Jacboins), up through Soviet Russia (Bolsheviks), Ukraine, and Communist China.

Nothing has been more devastating and dangerous politically in the 20th century than leftist thought.

If we look at 20th century communism alone we come to a whopping 85-100 million worldwide that perished under such leftist regimes, not to mention the censorship, labor camps, violation of civil liberties, and imprisonment.

One should think of fascism not as the complete opposite of socialism and communism, but yet another kindred spirit in extreme leftist political ideologies that were competing for the hearts and minds of the populous.

Not much has changed with fascist ideology of collectivism (another prized belief of the left) were individual twigs bundle together to make a strong piece of collective wood.

Allow this article to be a possible warning sign of modern day ideology, as their quest will devolve into a loss of civility and violence as we move farther and farther left.

As the left ideologies become more and more resembling a preacher preaching piety from the pulpit, “action” will be the next conclusive step.

Peel back the leftist language from moral PC sounding words like “Progressive” and “Bigot” or some other words that end with ‘phobe’, ‘ist’ or ‘ism’ to expose it for what it really is; left-wing fascist policies and huge government takeover in a pretty PC covered wrapper.

The beginning of the end

Whatever the case, one should keep in mind that socialism, communism, fascism, and nazism all are of the left; they were just different factions of the left.

What is occurring in the U.S. and UK today is not that different from what occurred in Europe some years ago.

Though it may be much more hidden under the cloak of political correctness to make it sound moralistic and acceptable, left-wing fascism and nazism are rooted in this evil ideology, and without doubt, left-wing fascism is pure evil.

Keep this in mind when you are sitting in your cube at the Ministry of Truth, hunched over your keyboard, editing and bowdlerizing Wikipedia pages for “the party”; just remember this article and the quintessential fascist party ideology:

…(the) quest to create an all-caring, all-powerful, all-encompassing state, a state that assumes responsibility for every desirable outcome and takes the blame for every setback on the road to utopia, a state that finally replaces God (Goldberg 20)

“But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished.

He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.”

Do not become the protagonist of 1984.

Let’s keep fiction for the books and the reality for us here in the UK.

The philosophical and political fate of the country depends on it.