Heathrow Runway Protesters Suspected Far Left-wing Professional Demonstrators

Heathrow Airport Protesters

Heathrow third runway: Climate change protesters believed to be far left-wing activist crackpots cause traffic chaos, missed flights, emotional devastation and extreme distress

Heathrow supposed protesters, who are alleged on social network by many to be nothing more than hard far left-wing anti-British pro-EU anti-Brexit habitual hired professional protesters, brought traffic to a standstill near to Heathrow airport on Saturday morning in a demonstration against the planned third runway.

Many believe that this demonstration actually has nothing to do with the runway in reality, and they are just using that as an excuse to cause maximum disruption in order to make a political statement by trying to bring aviation and transport to its knees.

The British public have also recently experienced the southern rail strikes too.

Many believe this to be part of the overall plan to discredit the government and cause maximum damage to the economy and trade by closing down the transport system.

Heathrow Demonstrators

Police arrested 15 of the criminal protesters after the group of thugs going by the name of climate change activists brought traffic to a standstill as they rushed onto the M4 Spur Road to stage a die-in.

Law abiding members of the British public who were trying to catch flights, and in some cases probably to see elderly and sick loved ones living abroad for the final time – were forced to stop and miss their flights as the campaigners lay in the road and refused to move.

Elsewhere ex-MP Zac Goldsmith, who resigned from his Richmond Park seat last month amid the airport expansion row, was seen speaking to campaigners at the demonstration.

Lib Dem candidate for Richmond Park Sarah Olney, former climate change secretary Ed Davey and Ukip’s Suzanne Evans were also seen with protesters, many of whom were holding placards and posters.

Campaigners held signs which read “protect the planet, no more runways” and “residents against aircraft noise” as they chanted: “No ifs, no buts, no third runway”.

The protest was organised following last month’s announcement that the government would be backing the £16 billion plan to increase the number of flights at Heathrow, Europe’s busiest airport.

Heathrow Marxist Protesters
Previous Demonstrations

The Met Police said they were aware of the planned protest and hope to work with the groups to ensure the demonstration stays peaceful.

A spokesman added: “However, we will have a proportionate policing plan in place and if there is criminal behaviour that leads to serious disruption or danger to anyone we will have a robust response to minimise disruption and maximise public safety.

“People breaking the law may make themselves liable to arrest.”

Mr Goldsmith quit from his seat in Parliament after vowing to his constituents he would resign if the third runway plan was approved.

A spokeswoman for Heathrow said: “We can confirm that a number of climate change protests are taking place at Heathrow today.  Whilst we respect the right to peaceful protest, the safety of our passengers, aircraft and colleagues, together with the smooth running of the airport, is paramount.

“We are working with the police to minimise any disruption, however passengers should allow extra time to travel to the airport, or use public transport where possible.”

The Met Police said as of 12.50pm they made a total of 15 arrests for obstructing the highway and public order offences.