London Underground Strike Suspected Far Left-wing Militant Disruption Tactic

Tube Strike London Underground Union  Action

London Underground strike believed to be yet another left-wing ploy to discredit the Government

LONDON Underground drivers and station staff have voted to go on strike over staff cuts and passenger safety concerns, but it is believed to be yet another far left-wing politically orchestrated militant ploy to cause major disruption to london and to try and discredit the Conservative Government

Strikes are guerrilla actions against capitalism by the left-wing designed to bring down the system.

‘The incredible frequency of those strikes proves best of all to what extent the social war has broken out all over England,’ writes Engels. Strikes are skirmishes, ‘they are the military school of the working men in which they prepare themselves for the great struggle which cannot be avoided … and as schools of war the unions are unexcelled.’

What sort of people are these left-wing militant activists?

Most support Bolshevik ideology and heed Lenin’s past call to split the Labour movement and form separate communist groups, one being militant unions.

Naturally they varied from country to country but nearly all their leaders had been associated either with the labour movements like the (Momentum) movement attached to the Labour Party of today – or in a few cases with the anarcho-syndicalist movements.

In Britain they came from the small political parties that claimed to be in the Marxist tradition and from the militant trade unionists who had built up a following as a result of the official unions.

Transport trade union RMT has confirmed that there were votes for industrial action during ballots over two separate disputes.

RMT said: “Both disputes, tube station staff and Piccadilly line drivers, have safety of passengers and staff at their core.”

The industrial action will affect the Piccadilly line but it is not yet known which other London Underground lines could be hit as well.

The tube strikes are expected to cause travel chaos for millions of passengers during the festive period in the run up to Christmas this year.

But the RMT union has not yet revealed when strike action could take place or how long the industrial action could last.

Thousands of station staff have voted to go strike over the axing of nearly 900 front-line workers alongside the closure of tube ticket offices.

RMT said that the staff cuts “have left safety on a knife edge” and highlighted recent incidents in Canning Town and North Greenwich.

Hundreds of Piccadilly Line drivers have also voted to go on strike over policies, procedures and safety. The union said there has been a “wholesale breakdown in industrial relations”.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said: “RMT members on the London Underground stations see day in and day out the toxic impact of the job cuts programme and they are reporting back that it is horrific.

“With the constant overcrowding on stations and platforms it is only a matter of time before there is a major tragedy if we don’t act decisively.

“Our dispute is about taking action to haul back the cuts machine and put safety back at the top of the agenda.

“In the separate dispute involving drivers on the Piccadilly Line, safety is again a major factor and is tied in with the ripping up of policies and procedures and ignoring warnings from staff.

“Our members have been left exposed and vulnerable and we have no choice but to blow the whistle before lasting damage is done.

“RMT members have now voted overwhelmingly for action in both these disputes and the results will now be considered by the unions executive. The union remains available for talks.”

Steve Griffiths, London Underground’s chief operating officer, said: “We urge the RMT leadership and members to work with us constructively on the issues they have raised, rather than threaten to disrupt our customers with strikes.

“An independent review‎ of the closure of ticket offices is being conducted by London TravelWatch to ensure that we continue to deliver high quality customer service, and we have talks planned at ACAS next week to discuss the RMT’s concerns on the Piccadilly line.”

Conservative London Assembly member Keith Prince said: “Once again London is being cynically held to ransom by the unions at a time designed to inflict the highest possible damage.

“How much longer before we say enough is enough?

“The Mayor needs to prevent another tube strike Groundhog Day by backing plans for binding pendulum arbitration, forcing both sides to act as reasonably as possible during negotiations and preventing strikes.

“Londoners do not deserve to be used as pawns in petty industrial disputes. The Mayor has a duty to intervene.”