Did James O’Brien help get President-elect Donald Trump elected 45th President USA?

James O'Brien Donald Trump LBC Radio
James O’Brien and Donald Trump in an alternative reality fake image

Left-wing LBC host James O’Brien always very strongly criticised Donald Trump before he was elected. But ‘President-elect Trump’ may want to thank James – for helping get him elected!

Nigel Farage - Donald Trump meeting.
Recent photo – Nigel Farage – Donald Trump meeting after election victory.

The people who really just don’t get it, are always asking themselves how President Trump got elected?.

Especially when the left-wing luvvies swore blind that Donald Trump had not got a hope in hell’s chance of winning (because) they said, he is a nasty person and everybody would realise that, (because) those on the left-wing said he was a nasty person.

Donald Trump won the election precisely (because) of the left-wing.

The majority of people in the United States have had quite enough of left-wing liberal elite politically correct luvvie nonsense.

James O’Brien always does a wonderful job of telling us who in his opinion are the (baddies) and just who also in his opinion are the (goodies), unfortunately concerning Donald Trump he got it very wrong.

The american people strongly disagree with James.

They voted Donald Trump in as President-elect and soon to be 45th President of the United States of America.

Jeremy Corbyn

LBC radio presenter, and regular guest host on BBC Newsnight, James O’Brien has also said not so long ago that it was time for the media to change the way it talks about Corbyn.

He said: “The media, myself included, now have to stop talking about Jeremy Corbyn like he is some sort of pimple on the backside of British politics and start talking about him as the only alternative Prime Minister to Theresa May.

“That is what he is.

“I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve made a conscious personal and professional decision to leave the scepticism at the door and will now treat this party and this man as I treat all politicians – with a degree of cynicism but not as some sort of aberration.

“This is not a dream from which the Labour party is going to wake up, it’s real. It’s happening.”

 And questioning the negative media reception to Corbyn’s policies, he said: “Try this on for size.

We spend far too much money on war and weapons and we should be spending that money on the poor.

“What’s not to like about that?

“Why is that even controversial?”

He added: “I used to call it undergraduate, quasi-Marxist. Parking all that language, it’s over, it’s finished, it’s meaningless.

“You begin to look for finer detail in the policy. You struggle at the moment to see it, but who comes up with a fully-fledged manifesto within a few weeks of being leader, or a year? He’s not got an election to fight.”

Praising Corbyn’s qualities, he said: “You see a strength in the man, a lot of other people would have buckled under the sheer weight of abuse he has received from his own party let alone the media and establishment.

“You’ve got a leader who really does appear to represent a profound alternative to the notion of business as usual.

“Why has that been treated so negatively?”

You tell us James!

We certainly all know where most of the anti-Trump propaganda came from anyway, and we are sure that it wasn’t from the right-wing media in this case.

Pot calling kettle black here we suspect James.

The Corbyn-supporting Socialist Party (formerly Militant) is among those celebrating the Corbyn victory.

It said in a statement: “The Socialist Party celebrates the fact that, despite the best efforts of the Blairites, the right-wing media, and behind them the capitalist establishment, Jeremy Corbyn now has a bigger mandate than ever.”

Socialist daily newspaper The Morning Star also attacked the main media outlets for their perceived opposition to Corbyn (who is a columnist for the title).

It said: “Barely a day has gone by since without negative briefings, leaks to the media designed to undermine the party leader, or the emergence of an artificial scandal designed to drag Corbyn’s name through the mud.

“This background noise has been amplified by a mass media which has been, with the exception of the Morning Star, implacably hostile to Corbyn and the new politics he represents.

“Independent studies by the Media Reform Coalition and the London School of Economics have revealed a constant bias against the Labour leader.

“Even Britain’s public broadcaster the BBC has joined in, shamefully orchestrating a shadow cabinet resignation live on air and stacking its shows with anti-Corbyn voices.”

One rather suspects that the BBC came to its senses and saw the writing on the wall.