Katie Hopkins Predicted Donald Trump Victory Over Liberal Left-wing Luvvies

Katie Hopkins Donald Trump
President-elect Donald Trump may one day shake the hand of Katie Hopkins. How it could look.

Katie Hopkins was right!

Donald Trump’s glorious victory has (crushed the liberal elite politically correct lefty luvvies and multicultural left-wing nazis)

The controversial TV star says the ‘real people’ have spoken.

The very popular Katie Hopkins had predicted all along that Donald Trump would win the election to become president, but she also correctly judged the public mood both within the UK and the USA concerning the outrage against left-wing political correctness and liberal leftie luvvie politically correct fascist oppression against freedom of speech and personal opinion.

Donald Trump should shake the hand of Katie Hopkins.

She was right about the election result and she also correctly judged public mood within the UK.

It is well known that the American people take very careful notice of what happens within the UK and it was also Brexit that tipped the balance and the march towards the restoration of freedom and patriotism, crushing the left-wing PC fascists into irrelevance and ridicule.

Katie Hopkins

Victory – Crushed Lefty Luvvies

Katie Hopkins has said that Donald Trump’s victory has crushed the ‘lefty luvvies’, ‘multicultural mafia’ and ‘gender Nazis’.

The outspoken TV star, who claimed that she would relocate to the US if Trump became President, has said that the ‘real people’ of America have spoken.

“The news came as a shock to all those who have failed – yet again – to understand the feelings of regular Americans – people who want to work hard, keep their family safe and secure for the future,” she wrote in her column for MailOnline.

“Real people. Not the loud voices in wealthy cities. Not the multicultural mafia in the liberal heartland of LA or New York. But in the towns, rural outposts and forgotten homes across the States.

“As Trump predicted, it was Brexit Times Ten.

The people rose up and made their voice heard, leaving Hillary to weep into her pant suit and her campaign team to wonder what on Earth went wrong.”

Hopkins went on to blast women who she says voted for Clinton based solely on her gender, saying they were ‘campaigned on chromosomes alone – wringing out their ovaries in despair’.

She added that the ‘establishment, the lefty media, the Clinton News Network, the luvvies and the useless pollsters’ would now have a matter of months to figure out why they were so ‘out of touch’.

Nigel Farage - Donald Trump meeting.
Recent photo – Nigel Farage – Donald Trump meeting.

The 41-year-old former Apprentice star praised Trump for ‘daring to bare what some people really think’ on Twitter earlier in the day.

She tweeted: “If Donald Trump wins the race to the White House I’m moving to America. Daring to bare what some people really think. #DonaldTrump.”

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