Left-wing Liberal Elite Indoctrinated anti-Donald Trump Students Protest USA

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Left-wing anti-Democratic Communist Marxist Indoctrinated anti-Trump USA Student Protesters Threaten American Freedom

According to popular opinion, some alumni are awakening to the fact that their beloved alma mater is nothing like the decent, open, tolerant, committed-to-learning place they remember.

Rather, nearly every college and university in America has become the least open, the least tolerant, the most hate-filled, and most anti-American (and, of course, anti-Israel) mainstream institution in America.

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One of the greatest dilemmas facing American students today is the perennial threat of leftist indoctrination on college campuses.

In recent years, institutions of higher learning – which have historically been places for enlightened thought and dissenting opinions – have increasingly become breeding grounds for radical liberalism.

College courses, which are often taught by biased professors who espouse leftist ideology, fail to adequately challenge undergraduate students and often leave many of them woefully unprepared for the real world.

“It is not the function of a faculty member in a democracy to indoctrinate his/her students with ready-made conclusions on controversial subjects.

Political Correctness – see link


The faculty member is expected to train students to think for themselves, and to provide them access to those materials, which they need if they are to think intelligently.

Donald Trump Protesters USA

Hence, in giving instruction upon controversial matters the faculty member is expected to be of a fair and judicial mind, and to set forth justly, without super-cession or innuendo, the divergent opinions of other investigators.”

It will be impossible, over the long term, to maintain peace and even national unity if elite media and the Democratic party continue to condone and even encourage political violence and the systematic violation of individual rights by its radical progressive base.

From Occupy to Ferguson to Baltimore to the unrest on campus, Americans have watched the liberal establishment trip over itself to express solidarity and sympathy with protesters who’ve burned, looted, shut down roads and parks, and violated the fundamental rights of American citizens.

For the better part of two years, millions of Americans have watched as violence and disruption actually work.

At college campuses, radical students and allied professors and administrators will shout down dissenters, intimidate fellow students, disrupt the educational process, and win.

In the streets of American cities, protesters will riot, vandalize, block traffic, and invade shops and restaurants, and they win.

Donald Trump Protesters

When the narratives (“Hands up, don’t shoot,” or “It’s open season” on black males) are debunked by facts, protesters still prevail.

Police tactics change even as the national murder rate seems set for its largest spike in 25 years. In the nation’s 50 largest cities, 770 more people were murdered in 2015 than in the previous year.

Yet with the exception of a few courageous progressives, the Left largely hails this unrest.

Even riots are excused or minimized by leading figures in the liberal intelligentsia, and mob actions that violate the free-speech rights of fellow citizens — by shouting down or shutting down events the Left doesn’t like — are whitewashed as “peaceful protest.”

If the Left thinks that it can continue to use, with impunity, violence and disruption as the enforcement mechanism of its political and intellectual movement, it is sadly mistaken.

Recent American history shows that tolerance for left-wing violence and disruption is limited, and that same history shows that the violence will meet with a response.

Whether that response is constructive or destructive depends on the quality of American leadership.

The political violence and unrest of 1968 helped usher in an era of Republican presidential dominance.

Between 1968 and 1988, Republicans won five of six presidential contests — often running on law-and-order platforms designed to directly counter the sense that America was unraveling, that violence was spiraling out of control.

Donald Trump Riot Protesters

Clinton was able to break the Republican winning streak only by directly confronting black radicals (remember his “Sister Souljah moment”?) and doing so with enormous rank-and-file black support.

Now, sadly, he’s ashamed of the bipartisan crime bills that helped end America’s murder epidemic. Stepping back from the brink took leadership. Where are our leaders now?

As Molly Ball notes today in an insightful piece in The Atlantic, Trump is dominating the GOP primary in part because he is directly tapping into the anger over double standards.

In response to an unruly protester, he asks, “Why are they allowed to do things that we’re not allowed to do, can you explain that to me?”

Pondering American military restraint in the face of ISIS atrocities, he writes, “The enemy is cutting off the heads of Christians and drowning them in cages, and yet we are too politically correct to respond in kind.

” Trump’s message is simple — an eye for an eye.

In the face of an unraveling, Trump is responding.

Ball writes: This is why Trump won’t denounce the violence at his events: He is standing up for the people who are tired of being told the divisions in American society are all their fault.

As far as they can tell, he is the only one who is. Politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum, and when leaders are absent, the void will be filled.

In this sense, Trump may be destructive and violent, but in the absence of a meaningful counter to left-wing bullying and elite double standards, he, or someone like him, was inevitable.

The productive, proper response to the Left’s double standard isn’t to mimic its tactics but rather to impose lawful consequences while forcefully defending core American values.

In other words, the answer is a forceful call for respect and for law and order, properly understood — not the boot heel of oppression but the end of most-favored-criminal status for social-justice warriors.

The left-wing liberal fascists who condemn Trump are very wrong, anti-American and anti-Democratic.

Constructively countering an increasingly radical Left takes real leadership, men and women who can both articulate America’s constitutional values and enforce its constitutional protections.

We either remember how to respect and protect the rights both of the majority and of dissenters or we will remember the high cost of political unrest and national division.

The chaos of 1968 beckons.

The Left-wing love it and embrace the madness.

Donald Trump will solve it and put a stop to it once and for all.