The Nazi Party was a Left-wing Liberal Elite Progressive Political Correctness Movement

Political Correctness

The Nazi Party was a ‘Left-wing Liberal Elite Progressive Politically Correct Movement’

The liberal elite left-wing politically correct modern day fascists have tried to portray the Nazis as a radical right-wing movement but any historian or politician who’s studied the Nazi party would find the exact opposite to be true.

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It seems inconceivable to modern minds that just a few differences between two similar ideologies — Marxism and Nazism — could have been sufficient cause for great enmity between those two ideologies.

But the differences concerned were important to the people involved at the time.

Marxism was class-based and Nazism was nationally based but otherwise they were exactly the same.

That’s what people said and thought at the time and that explains what they did and how they did it.

And a quote from Hitler himself:

“Stalin and I are the only ones who envisage the future and nothing but the future. Accordingly, I shall in a few weeks stretch out my hand to Stalin at the common German-Russian frontier and undertake the redistribution of the world with him. “

Left-wing Racism, Fascism and anti-Semitism

By Hitler’s time, antisemitism in particular, as well as racism in general, already had a long history on the Left-wing of political ideology and thought, just as anti-Semitism is rife in modern times within left-wing circles.

August Bebel was the founder of Germany’s Social Democratic party (mainstream Leftists) and his best-known saying is that antisemitism is der Sozialismus des bloeden Mannes (usually translated as “the socialism of fools”) — which implicitly recognized the anti-Semitism then prevalent on the Left.

Lenin himself alluded to the same phenomenon in saying that “it is not the Jews who are the enemies of the working people” but “the capitalists of all countries.”

For more on the socialist roots of antisemitism see Tyler Cowen’s detailed survey here

Labour Party

The left-wing to this day are in denial over the fact that their ideology is in reality – Nazism

You will always hear left-wing self righteous PC fascists and liberal elites claim the Nazis were “far right wing” but it’s time to completely debunk that myth.

The Nazis are labeled as “far right” simply for being fascist.

By that definition, any party whether they are fiscally left or right would be labeled as “far right” if they are fascist, the left-wing are predominantly fascist concerning their use of (fascist) political correctness to enforce their ideology and policies.

Left-wing Nazi Fascist Political Correctness

The Nazis used their own form of (political correctness) as did the communists and Italian fascists.

Political correctness is nothing more than a form of (fascist political activist force) designed to shame opponents into silence and submission by labelling all critics and non-conformists as (politically incorrect) and thus undemocratically shutting down and killing debate.

Libertarian, pro-capitalist, pro-economist or small-government the Nazis were certainly not. They were left-wing politically correct fascists.

Left-wing. Labour Party. Politically Correct. Ukip. Nazi.

 “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system. The exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are determined to destroy this system under all conditions”

– Adolf Hitler, Hitler’s speech on May 1, 1927. Cited in: Toland, John (1992). Adolf Hitler. Anchor Books. pp. 224–225. ISBN 0385037244.

Left-wing PC luvvies have claimed that Hitler retracted this statement, this claim of course turned out to be just another lie.

Hitler never retracted this statement ever.

Instead a historian claims that Hitler had regrets about using the word “socialism” simply because Hitler said “”Socialism, that is an unfortunate word altogether”.

But claiming that socialism is an unfortunate word is a far cry from retracting his statement.

Contrary to what lefties claim, Hitler continued to strongly oppose capitalism and never retracted this statement.

There is absolutely nothing conservative, pro-capitalist, or right-wing about the Nazis.

Most on the right-wing are only anti-illegal immigration, not against all immigration like the Nazis were, and in the past conservatives like Ronald Reagan gave amnesty.

The left-wing Nazis or (Left-wing National Socialists) were very fiscally left-wing on nearly all issues, although you can find some isolated incidences where the Nazis supported privatization of some industry, private property or something along those lines, the Nazis still were overall anti-capitalist (as well as anti-Semitic) and strongly opposed to capitalism.

          The EU was originally the idea of Hitler and the Nazis – see links below

The Nazis were also socially liberal on many issues as well believing in a unified europe or EU.

So what are our reasons for labeling the Nazis as being a far left-wing movement? Below we present a short list of left-wing Nazi policies which were actually implemented into law

  • Basically all of the Nazi’s economic policies were Keynesian as opposed to Austrian.
  • This means the Nazis supported (and in fact did) things like running large deficits and using government programs to reduce unemployment. There is absolutely nothing pro-Austrian economist about the Nazis at all.

         Anti-free-market capitalist

The Nazis had government-controlled capitalism, which is a form of socialism and essentially the exact opposite of free-market capitalism (where the government has little to no control).

The Nazi government had control over corporations. The Nazis also had government-controlled wages and prices as well.  All these policies are the exact opposite of far right-wing free-market Austrian economists policies.

  • Pro-leftist liberal rights (German Rights) and politically correct restriction on freedom of speech, behaviour and the written word

    The Nazis believed in a strict form of (Nazi) political correctness for the protection of German culture and race.

    Also the Nazis supported animal rights with an absolute and permanent ban on vivisection as – “being a necessary law to protect animals and to show sympathy with their pain, but it is also a law for humanity itself”

    – Hermann Göring, leading member of the Nazi party

    The Nazis were the very first country in history to ban vivisection.

    The Nazis also made restrictions on hunting and banned commercial animal trapping.

  • Many people who violated animal rights laws were sent to concentration camps. So is being pro-animal rights more left or right?
  • Pro-Government control

    “25. For the execution of all of this we demand the formation of a strong central power in the Reich. Unlimited authority of the central parliament over the whole Reich and its organizations in general”
    The 25-point Program of the NSDAP

    The Nazis wanted the government to have unlimited power over all. This is once again a typical leftist viewpoint of wanting government power over personal freedom.

  • Leftists and liberals constantly promote the idea of more government involvement, more government control, and bigger government claiming that it is a good thing for the government to have power over individuals and corporations.

When leftists argue that Hitler was some how right-wing their weak arguments usually involve:

– Pointing out quotes where Hitler spoke out against Marxism (ignoring the quotes where Hitler spoke out against capitalism and that most liberal Democrats are not Marxists)

– Intentionally ignoring the 25-point Program of the NDSAP

– Pointing out that Hitler was patriotic or believed in a strong national defense (while ignoring that many other ideologies on the left also believe in patriotism and building a strong national defense)

The simple fact is overall Hitler and the Nazis fit in closely to the modern day ideology of the left-wing progressives.

Nazi anti-Semitism and anti-Capitalist views mesh very well with the modern left-wing luvvies and progressives, and there’s just no way of the leftists getting round this or denying it.

Even Nationalists like the BNP and the most popular Nationalist forums have admitted that the Nazis were left-wing.

We have heard those who were admittedly an atheist saying “I’m an Atheist and an adherent to the Darwinian-Galtonian school of evolutionary thought”.

So how can anyone deny that Hitler and the Nazis were much more left-wing than right-wing on nearly every issue, and much closer to left-wing overall than right-wing?