Katie Hopkins Hits Back at Left-wing Liberal Elite Pro-EU Remain Remoaners


Katie Hopkins
Katie Hopkins. Daily Mail and LBC Radio

KATIE HOPKINS: Three judges think they know better than the British voters – but will MPs be so brave?

Bring it on Theresa and DARE them to defy the will of the people

The High Court just decided the EU Referendum on June 23, 2016, didn’t really count.

It was a practise go, like you tell fat kids who fail on sports day and need a second chance.

The country may have voted to Leave the EU, but now the clever people, who think they are paid to have power, will decide exactly how.

That whole referendum thing? Well, that was just to make us feel better. To make us feel like we had a say.

Your votes? Placebo votes. That tiny pencil on a string inside a ballot box? Just a sugar pill, sweetening us up.

Today, Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas (how many Lords can one man be?), Lord Sales and Sir Thomas Etherton have come clean.

These activist judges have thwarted the will of the people. They have judged Parliament must decide whether we trigger Article 50.

Lord Thomas decided the government cannot change or do away with rights under U.K. Law unless Parliament gives it authority to do so.

I’d argue Parliament accepted it might be giving away those rights when it voted for a referendum by a majority of 6:1.

But that’s logic. And the law isn’t equipped for that.

Gina Miller – The woman with the cash who brought this case against the government said Brexit had made her feel physically sick.

Looking at this Guyanan-born wife of a multi-millionaire, laughing in the faces of ordinary Brits, her smug face makes me feel much the same way.

Ah ha! Say the bitter Remainers, filled with spite and loathing, you wanted parliamentary sovereignty, you wanted British powers to be returned to the UK.

You got what you wished for. You must now bow to your sovereign parliament.

Not so fast you sad little socialist.

Our sovereign parliament already had a say. MPs voted by 544 to 53 to give the British people a referendum.

The electoral commission even sent a helpful booklet to my home, telling me ‘this is your decision, the government will implement what you decide’.

Over 17 million of us voted to Leave. And we won.

But the Establishment didn’t like our decision. Our sovereign parliament didn’t like being wrong.

Now the SNP will try to derail the process. Remain MPs will try to subvert democracy. Owen Smith is back banging on about a second referendum.

And if it does go back to Parliament for a vote Brexit is as dead as a doornail.

Of the 650 MPs, 479 are thought to have backed Remain (including over half of Conservative MPs). So it is likely Brexit would be utterly scuppered.

But things have changed since then. And the mood of the country along with it.

The referendum showed MPs were hugely out of touch with the country they are supposed to represent. The post-vote howling from Londonistan felt like a separate country.

421 of 574 constituencies voted Leave in the EU referendum on Thursday, June 23, 2016.

Polling suggests significantly more than 50 per cent of 2015 Conservative voters and more than 30 per cent of Labour voters backed leave.

MPs should be aware voting against a referendum result generated by many of their own voters is not democracy. It is the opposite of democracy. It is hypocrisy.

It would make a mockery of every man and woman who took the time to queue in the rain after work to vote. It would mean our voices counted for nothing.

And it would set the People versus the Establishment. Again.

If you need evidence of what happens when the people feel the Establishment is one big fix against them, you need only look to America where I believe Trump is on the verge of delivering the US elite the shock of their entitled little lives.

The ruling serves only to remind us of the unholy trinity of money, politics and power.

Expensive lawyers backed by hedge-fund millions, unelected judges subverting the will of the people.

More champagne socialists at work. The ones who claim to be bastions of all that is equal and fair. It is repugnant.

What is equal or fair about shopping around for the answer you want?

Parliament asked the people. They got the wrong answer. So the Remainers asked the Court.

The Court wants a different answer too, so it will ask the politicians – the majority of whom backed remain.

Round and around we go. With everyone getting another say, except the people who already made their opinion clear and don’t see why they should have to do it again, you!

Lawyers and politicians are in the top ten most hated professions for good reason.

But keep the faith. Stand strong the 52 per cent.

Your vote did matter. You queued at the ballot for good reason. You made your voice heard. And your voice now shouts loudly in the ear of your local MP.

Four hundred and twenty one constituency MPs must surely be bound by their constituents to vote to Trigger Article 50. Or to stand down immediately.

Right now, Theresa May needs to face forward and maintain momentum.

Personally, I think Theresa should scrap the appeal against this ruling at the Supreme Court. It will only serve to slow things down.

Of course the 52 per cent believe the Lord Chief Justice is wrong. But this battle will not be won in the courts.

This is a British battle, for the British people and we will prevail.

Theresa should focus on reminding MPs that it would be a constitutional offence to go against the public’s verdict delivered in the referendum.

Indeed, contradicting the wishes of their own local electorate is a price they will pay with their own seats.

Present them with a straight choice – a one line motion to trigger Article 50. Yes or no. In or out.

Don’t give oily fish like Sturgeon any wiggle room or the Poison Dwarf from the North will make this process more protracted than childbirth.

Dig in those kitten heels, drive hard behind Brexit, offer a one line motion to MPs and get us out of the infernal EU as it collapses around our ears.

Dare Parliament to defy the will of the people.

Because there is a delicious irony in this whole matter. So, sit back and smile.

The soft-shoe loving liberals who see today’s judgement as success, with their sad little European flags waving about, are the same people who will see Brexit legitimised by parliament.

A court judgment by three old men in fancy dress, argued by lawyers paid for by the wife of a hedge funder, applauded by wealthy remoaners, all of these filthy individuals will have all contributed to forcing a parliamentary stamp of approval on an outcome they vehemently oppose.

They were so busy sneering, they accidentally self-medicated. And this pill will be a particularly bitter one to swallow.