Michael Barrymore (Bazza) Comedy Great Return To British T.V Screens Very Soon

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Michael Barrymore – Our Kind of Entertainer

The great Michael Barrymore cleared almost 15 years after pool death. One of the few remaining all time great comedians, way beyond time to get Michael back on our T.V screens – and quickly !

MICHAEL Barrymore is now quite rightly in the clear over the Stuart Lubbock pool tragedy, 15 years on.

High Court papers state, that the police have accepted that they wrongfully arrested and detained Michael after the 2001 incident.

31-year-old Stuart was found dead in a pool at Barrymore’s home in Roydon, Essex.

The dad-of-two’s injuries showed he had been assaulted.

The talented popular Strike It Lucky host was arrested in 2007 on suspicion and kept in a cell for 36 hours.

Three months later the case was completely dropped.

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General Public want Michael Barrymore to return to Television very soon

However, despite the case being dropped, the suspicion surrounding the death of the meat factory supervisor seriously damaged Michael’s career, causing him years of pain and anguish.

Michael has been attacked by malicious trolls on social media, but the majority of the millions of fans stayed loyal and always believing in Michael’s total innocence.

Many people are now calling for those who continue with malicious attacks and comments upon social media against Michael to be reported and brought to justice.


ITV axed the Celebrity Big Brother runner-up’s £1million-a-year contract following an inquest into Stuart’s death.

On the night of the tragedy, Stuart and others were invited back to Michael’s home after an evening at a nightclub with his then boyfriend, Jonathan Kenney.

At 5.46am another guest, Justin Merritt, called 999 to say a man had drowned in the pool.

At first police did not treat the house as a crime scene, accepting the explanation that Stuart had drowned after a night of heavy drinking and drug taking.

However, a murder probe launched after a postmortem determined that Stuart had suffered injuries.

At the time Barrymore was given a caution for drug offences but no further charges were brought.

Kenney and Merritt were (also arrested) on suspicion of murder and later released (without charge).

Impossible for Michael Barrymore to have committed the offences

The comedian’s lawyers argued quite rightly that his movements on the night had been established, making it (impossible for Michael Barrymore) to have committed the offences and there was (no forensic evidence) implicating him.

They also claimed his reputation and career had been ruined due to the actions of the police actions.


The star is now seeking £25,000 in “aggravated and exemplary damages” for “wrongful arrest and detention” which led him to suffer “loss and damage namely distress, shock, anxiety and damage to his reputation” as police had no right to arrest him because there was no evidence of his involvement in Stuart’s death.

Now Michael is in the clear, he’s hopefully poised for a TV comeback that would certainly be very welcome by the millions of fans and the general public who love and adore the comedy genius of Michael Barrymore.

When asked for interview via Twitter, he tweeted in response: “I have turned down all offers for a few years now till this was done and dusted…looks like I will be able to.”

Police chiefs are expected to issue a statement in the next few months after the case is concluded or a final settlement is reached.

Barrymore says the “actions of the police officers… were oppressive, arbitrary and unconstitutional”.

An Essex police spokesman said: “As the matter remains in litigation and is in the hands of lawyers, further comment would not be appropriate.”